Army major steals £ 100k from charity fund for army wounded

Ooh scandal! Do you know him personally? Any more info? Is it true he blew the money on coke? Have you ever seen him release a flow of hot natural champagne over a whore's arsehole? Did you want to taste the champagne direct from the source? Have you ever been with a man? I can knock you out with one half-hearted punch.

Edited to call you a stem licker.
Can I be the second...LINK???
There is no link, it appears to be a rhetorical question.

Either that or the OP is asking how it COULD be done.
Perhaps 'Big Mick' is easing him into prison life?

Or would that be easing into him...............
What an utter cnut and an embarrasment.
This arse was a clerk at 21 Engr Regt before being commissioned AGC, he was looked at "not close enough" for showing an unhealthy interest in kids back in early 90's. At least they have locked him up eventually, hope he gets a nice cell mate!!!!!!
Surely people wouldn't do that against their own mates! If so he deserves to be hanged - in his balls...
Christ on a bike how many filters failed to pick up on this c,u,n,t

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