Army LSD Test (Video)

Drugs? My hairy old ARRSE!

That looks like every exercise I've ever been on. Even when getting the crap shelled out of me in Bosnia, I found a bit of time to climb a tree and feed the birds.

I mean, who didn't?



That bloke that had to have the place to escort the prisoner pointed out to him? That was 'The Wig' on Salisbury Plain, mate. I could do more gear than Iggy Pop in one night, and still manage to find that place blindfolded and 'drape cam'

Capt Cheeky said:
The signaller getting caught around a tree by his headset lead.... things never change.
Exactly. With or without LSD, that was going to happen anyway. Same as when a PRC 349 has a bad reception.


Push throat Mic so hard into neck that 'Adams Apple' races towards arse...

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