Army looking out for "Extreme Right Wing" (XRW).

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I doubt most of us here think its genuine, I also doubt any of us here would be that surprised to see something similar and, sadly to be thought a good idea by the MOD...
Not so sure. I'd hope most people who had been in would take a second to engage bullshit'O'meter, but assuming soldiers aren't radically different to the rest of humanity, then statistically many will not. And there seems to be an increasing number of active ARRSE members who exist to breathlessly repeat conspiracy theories.

Given that this is the unofficial Army site, we should collectively at least be able to notice that isn't the Army logo. Having said that, I just asked a serving officer, who didn't know that was only the recruiting logo.

So whatever. All are morons. Such is 2019.
So...someone gets on Word and invents a series of qualities, some very right wing and some perfectly normal, pretends this is the Army's definitions of XRW, searches for "Army logo" on Google and picks the wrong one, and prints it out, happy in the knowledge this will be picked up by the gullible or keen to believe as evidence of political correctness gone mad.

Various right-leaning or whackadoodle websites are taken in / don't care and print it as troof without bothering with the most basic checks.

Some gullible readers breathlessly repeat it.

And ARRSE, well..shall we just not?
And why not? It's worth keeping ourselves abreast and informed of such things. Especially as journos have a habit of coming on here on a fishing exped.
So whatever. All are morons. Such is 2019.
My observations about 'fact checking' was not confined, to Arrse, or the wider Military, rather humans as a whole. despite access to source information, being more widely and easily accessible than any time in history, being a moron is not, sadly on the decrease.

Sadly such is "2019".

I think that there is a real problem with information overload, and the media becoming more activistic than informative, but these are nothing new, other than enabling technology, allowing a Lie to spread before the truth has got its boots on, way faster. I also think there is an issue with emotion becoming embraced more by people in what can lead their thoughts rather than honest inquiry.


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  1. Have extreme XRW group stickers or badges on clothing and personal items 'Hello Kitty Crusader' patch will have to go then ? Awww poot !

Whoever made it up missed off 'Swostikers on their tanks and machine guns'.

Honestly, you can't get the staff these days.
1. Zero Hedge is an extremely unreliable source.

2. That Army logo is not, in fact, the Army logo. Generally when the Army put out a document with their logo on, they get the correct one.

3. It looks like it was made by a 5 year old. Although that's what I'd expect to see if this was posted by some CSM or BN HQ, it's usually not the level of graphic design of Army-led campaigns, who at least get someone who can **** up Adobe templates rather than Office templates.

Can any of the 3 still serving members confirm whether this is gen, before this becomes another conspiracist fever dream?
Yes, its fake.
The thing is, when I was at grammar school playing rugby, I was an extreme right winger - at 16 I was 6' tall and 8 stone with my kit and boots on, soaking wet and covered in thick clay from the first and only tackle I ever allowed anyone to make, a mistake which I vowed would never, ever happen again ... if only because I could envisage the grief my mum would give me when she saw the state of my kit. Thereafter, I ran (being so lanky and skinny, I was very quick) only along the touchline and, if passed the ball, would immediately hoof it upfield for the porky guys to deal with.
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