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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by fairy_nuff, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. Hi

    I have found a possible relative in the 1853 Army list but I am having trouble interpreting the information. The entry starts with a gothic type D I think, then his name a small typed number 171, Major, Unattached. Then under Ensign ect 30/5/09. Lieut.15/6/11, Captain13/2/27. Major 23/11/41. Lieut Colonal 11/11/51. Half pay3/1/45. On the retirement page it states that he was wounded at the Battle of Vittoira, would this be why he was on half pay do you think? Any idea about what the little number refers to? In the retirement list it states that he served with the 48th Regiment of foot in the Pennisular War but after his retirement entry it's got 39F, I can't see him listed as a Colonal in either 48th Foot or 39th Foot listings. He also served for 7 years in Jamaica.Any help appreciated thanks.
  2. Didn't half pay mean "pension"?
  3. Weren't surplus officers placed on half pay with the possibility of being recalled to the colours when needed?

    Your ancestor quite probably purchased his commission, it was not unusual for officers in that era to 'exchange' into different regiments, less well off officers usually preferring to serve abroad.
    Have you tried contacting the regimental museums of the successors to the 39th and 48th of Foot?
    When did the old boy serve in Jamaica? If neither the 39th or 48th served there during his time he may have exchanged to the regiment out there at that time.
  4. Thanks Busterdog I'll try the museum
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