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I would like to know where to look up the Army Lists from the 60's so I can look up my Dad's service. He started as a private during the 30's and ended up a half Col. Never told us much about his army days other than the old boy stories.
For Auld Yin,

The National Archives website contains details of all Offrs/Sldrs who joined before 1921. It also has an address at APC you can write to for details of those who joined later. You will need your father's service number.

Craphats said:

Is there anywhere I can see a copy of the Army List for the most recent promotions etc?

For the most recent, and indeed all of the past ones too, promotions I suggest the London Gazette online. It is best to go through the MoD Oracle web-site as that has a portal which takes you right into the relevant pages, by-passing crap about bankruptcy and other tosh...
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