Army List - How do I get a copy?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mysteron, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    OK, so I have been jiffed with the christmas cards.

    My problem is that I need to get the details right on all of the people that the boss wants to send Christmas cards to and my predecessor lost the list that I could just revise and update (about 100 names).

    The solution: The Army List, Navy List, RAF List and Civil Service List.

    The question: I work in a defence company, how do I get my sticky mitts on a copy of these hallowed tomes so I can be Mr Clever and oh-so-organised please?

    Previous fault resolution has been going through the GAL on DII, using DDirectory and even attempting (laughably) to use the intranet search engine. All of these yield limited results and I am especially light on post nominals (and we all know who uppity some people get about them).

    Help please!! Thanks in advance.

    Edited for a touch of typing mong.
  2. Your I-Hub/Registry should hold this, failing that try any good Adjutant.
  3. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Daxx - useful answer if serving, unfortunately, as stated previously - in a Defence Company. Thanks for responding though.
  4. Yes - I missed the bottom bit of the post. These books are published via HMSO so you should be able to buy them and presumably, a library may have them hidden away somewhere.

    Unfortunately I don't have access to the ISBN atm as unlike the I-Hub, I am still in the office :)
  5. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    DSGx - thanks. Had a look, the only thing is the Navy List 2008.

    Are there any helpful AGC bods out there that can sneakily order me an up-to-date set for a donation for H4H, etc?
  6. Large libraries sometimes hold copies in their research section. Central Library in Birmingham certainly does, as does the British Library in London.
  7. You can get at it on the resources section of Armynet
  8. Roughly where in the country are you?
  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    This is the official on-line sales point for HMSO, and is part of The Stationery Office Ltd, its commercial wing:

    A very quick glance shows the 06/07 list:

    'The Army list supplement 2006/2007: Part 2 Officers in receipt of retired pay'


    'The Army list 2005: Part 2 Officers in receipt of retired pay'

    but those were the first two of 142 Results, and I couldn't be Arrsed to look through the rest!

    The Civil Service List appears to be:

    'Civil Service Year Book' here:

    Have fun browsing.

    For Post Noms, if you can't get the lists, try the latest copy of Who's Who (but then you had probably thought of that already!)
  10. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Grem - thanks. Yep tried these, obviously the TSO will only sell the out of date ones!!

    Unfortunately Who's Who does not stretch to obscure Civil Serpents and mere Colonels, Air Commodes and Naval Captains.
  11. Click on ‘Reference’ on ArmyNet homepage

    Click on ‘Publications’ (In ‘Sections Link’ on right of page)

    Click on ‘Army List’ at bottom of page and follow instructions
  12. And presumably assorted baddies then cross reference Contactpoint and/or NHS spine and know everything about us. Oh dear
  13. I've got last year's one, and contacts if you want to PM me your address and I'll send it on Monday if it's not too late.

    Just don't put "helpful" and "AGC" in the same sentence again, Exorcist of Dreams will get a stiffy on.

    Dale T xxx
  14. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Would you prefer useless, lazy and fratricidal?