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Army Linguist + IBD

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Hi all,

I have indeterminate colitis (a form of IBD) which I was diagnosed with I'm 2017. After my initial flare ups in 2017, my condition has stabilised and I haven't suffered from any major symptoms since then. I take very mild daily medication as a preventative (which anyone with IBD will know is necessary - even if you have no symptoms you still take meds because IBD is chronic). Other than the above, I am very physically fit, I'm an avid gym-goer, I've always played sport and have never suffered from symptoms while exercising etc.

I have come to terms with the fact that routes like the Royal Marines (as much as I would have loved to) and even standard infantry units are not going to be suitable due to my IBD and I probably wouldn't pass the medical.

However, over the recent years I've become really interested in languages and I can now speak French, Spanish and colloquial Arabic (and English obvs). I'm really keen on the Operator Technical Intelligence (linguist) role within the British Army (or RAF) and I was wondering if anyone could shed a light on my chances of getting into this role?

I'm aware you train as a soldier to begin with and then choose your trade. As an intelligence analyst however, I would mostly be deployed in the UK with some overseas tours and not on the frontline.

A freedom of information request from the MoD in 2014 showed there was 823 personnel in the British Army who had a type of IBD... whether the condition was diagnosed before or after recruitment, I don't know.

Also if you have any other military orientated suggestions they'd be much appreciated.

Not open for further replies.

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