Army lines up £8000 deal for recruits

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by hackle, Dec 30, 2004.

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  1. Might be of interest to somebody? Apparently a new incentive scheme, open to all qualifying British applicants and of course not confined to Scottish regiments.
  2. So we're not short of troops or 'owt then................isn't this sort of bribery and corruption frowned upon in the 'Fre World'? :?
  3. what, like Mil kit that works :lol:
  4. It wont fix a thing. 8 grand is alot of money to anyone, let alone an 18 year old. This will attract people for the wrong reason, because they want the money not a carear in the Army.

    Hardly a long term fix is it.

  5. I imagine that to get the full whack of £8K, the recruit will have to be slightly more clever than Steven Hawking. Who ever heard of the bosses giving anything of value?
  6. and probably charge recruit 7950 quid for training and equipment
  7. Inflation in action - Queen's shilling becomes Queen's £8 grand.

    Any chance of it being backdated to 1980? - I only got a fiver. :(
  8. At least Gordon Brown will get a % for TAX so it really is not 8K more like 5K
  9. I received the princely sum of 6/8d (38 pence) which was one days ration allowance and a one way 3rd class rail ticket (I was issued the return ticket twenty some years later but by then I was able to upgrade to first class).

    Good luck to those potential recruits who are able to score $8000. (sorry no pounds sign) on enlistment small price to pay for one who may put his life on the line. The US armed forces have been doing something similar for years. Question is will there be a no escape clause?
  10. If you believe this your just plain daft.
  11. Given that hackle provided the link to the Army's official website that offers the Golden Hellos, I think it is safe to assume that the offer is kosher.

    I worked out the other day that a new recruit with no car, no mortgage, no kids and living in the block has roughly twice the disposable income that I do. Adding to their available beer tokens doesn't seem like a superb idea, and, as Boney says, it's going to attract people for the wrong reason.

    I assume that the money will be up front (else it wouldn't be a "hello"), but that they'll have to pay it back if they don't complete a minimum period of service. The hope from the Army Board is, no doubt, that they'll discover that the Army life of hard work, comradeship and slick professional development is worth sticking around for... Yeah, right.

    And there's the loophole of medical discharges. Sure, if someone's kicked out for not passing basic training, or for being a general tw*t then they'll have to cough up (if they have the cash!), but if they're injured and pensioned out, then they'll keep it. Expect to see a rise in the number of medical discharges!

  12. maybe it should be done partly as a training "voucher" or something which will be of long-term personal development value