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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DanielW, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi people my first post here

    I was seaching google for an amry forum as im interested in enrolling

    I have been working in a office for 5 years, and its so so boring... when it clicked that i could join the army

    It daunts me that i feel like my life is just a boring go work go home every day doing the same thing over and over, i was wondering what army life is like

    Also im quite unhealthy but in shape, anyone out there go against the odds to get fit and join the army, this i think is the job for me... i want to be pushed to my limits, i was to feel more like a man, and rather than live an existence in life join upto something with meaning!

    Is there anyone out there who thought that they had nothing to live for and joined the army did it change you to a better person?

    Please if anyone could have an answer to any of the questions above it would be much appreciated :)

    Thanks in advance people

    Danny W
  2. Hi,

    My experience is very similar - I've been working in the same place for years now, and have realised that there is more to life, and I need to do something with meaning to it!

    I did no exercise at all from leaving school, until maybe 8 months ago, but am just about to go for selection hopefully within the next 2 weeks, just waiting for a date.

    Best of luck, and give it a go - life is too short!
  3. Danny, clarify - are you interested in Soldier or Officer entry? What kind of area of the Army would you like to join? How old are you?

    A couple more details so people can better advise, but your best bet is to visit your AFCO/ACIO and talk.
  4. Not now, but maybe in another year.

    At the minute I'm going through the same process as you. At 22 years of age, I'm on a joke of a wage, doing a job that no one should have to lower themselves to (call centre monkey - absolute CV stain - been doing it for two years). No prospect of promotion, pay rise, no job security or job satisfaction, nothing but a regular wage. Our contracts are rewritten every other week (sometimes literally), as the "client" works its hardest to get its money's worth out of my company by squeezing the employees harder and harder, getting more work from less people, getting people that do one job to do something completely outside their role/suitability/field... ...sound familiar?

    I don't want to waste the rest of my life doing this sh*te job, speaking to idiots, just as much on my end of the phone than on the other end of the phone. Some of the people I work with might be fit for nothing other than a life reading off a script blutacked to the side of their monitor, but not fcuking me, I tell you.

    Because I want to make something of myself, because I want to be proud of who I am and what I do, because I want to have a real life and actually go out and do things most people would never do, and see things most people will never see, the Army is the one for me.

    While I can't answer your question, I'm going through the application stage at the minute, and while I won't say that I have "nothing to live for" (I have a fair few things worth living for - it just happens that my job isn't one of them), being a call center monkey isn't a life for a young lad like me :D .

    So yeah, best of luck :D , and I spose I started going off on one there...

    ...felt good to get it off my chest :D .
  5. Whichever route you take in the army one thing is certain, you will makes mates with people that far surpass anything you have in civvy street and will bend over backwards (not in the biblical sense!) to help you and stick with you. I keep trying to talk my nephews into joining but they just want to loaf around at the present, but there again they're still 16 but so was I when I joined. Just go for it mate.
  6. Just bite the bullet and go to your careers office and join or set the wheels in motion it the best thing i ever did alot of people whinge about the army when they are in it but if it was that bad they would leave its good pay compared with most civvy jobs in work terms ie getting paid for what you actually do! Make the leap and join!
  7. im 22 in september, but at this stage of being in debt - i cant go back to college to do plumbing (my ideal job), i too work in a call center in fact im sat here now answering the fones as i type :x

    It makes me smile to think that in a years time i could be something more than working in another call center (because my last 2 iv been redundant from) it seems like an ideal thing for me to do

    I was in the air force cadets from 16+ but left, i enjoyed the hiding and camping and working outdoors part of it

    Well i think iv made my mind up - i want to get into the communications but anything will do...

    I just cant wait to see the world and be a man of all things and a proud one at that !!! :)
  8. Sound very familiar. sounds like me 3 years ago. I was also in the ACF and the local recruiting Sergeant who I knew through his visits to the unit asked me why I'm not a soldier yet. One road to damascus moment later I was in the ACIO getting the ball rolling. Took 18 months to get to ATR cos of medical bullshit but I havnt looked back. Do it but make sure you really want to, look at the Royal Signals if you want a job in comms, although theres plenty of other trades to look at.
  9. The Royal Engineers have plumbing trades.
  10. im going to try and keep you informed of my progress anyway, iv asked for an appointment with a officer so hopefull soon i will have the ball rolling

    Im going to have to join the gym and get some training in, just want say thanks for the advice

    Dan :)
  11. And the Royal Signals can get you going with Communications - To be honest, the army offers a massive amount of trades, if you're willing to get stuck in.

    Well you're definitely not too old for the army - and it sounds like you're keen to get in. Head to your AFCO and ask about the Engineers and Signals, just get the ball rolling.

    And i take it you're after becoming a Soldier, not Officer?
  12. Go for it. Theres nothing like living with like minded people who will become firm friends for the rest of your life. It is the best shared experience you could have.
  13. well i want to be a soldier, or engineer, something for when i have done my time in the army, i can come out with an abundance of qualifcations

    the ONLY thing that worries me is afghanistan, i hear all the stuff on the news about how bad it is there, is it really as bad as they make out
  14. To be fair, if you want to join the Army, although it's a great life and you can get experiences and trades behind you, you will always have to accept the risk of being deployed to a war - that's not to say you will get shot, but you need to be aware of the risk.
  15. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I was in a similar position over 30 years ago. Job opportunities in Sunderland in the mid-70s? Get real.

    Having decided what you want to join the Army to do, don't let recruiters sway you. I wasted three months in the RMP as a result. But it's also 88 extra pensionable days in just over three years' time so it wasn't all bad.

    I'll leave the question of fitness to others as I have absolutely no idea how it works nowadays. I took no interest in fitness before the day I walked into the ACIO, got away with it and I am probably fitter now in my early 50s than I was as a weak-kneed, skinny teenager (late-onset asthma aside). FWIW I found I could drink seven pints of milk a day in Basic Training (leaded, none of this semi-skimmed rubbish) - two at NAAFI break, two at lunch and two in the evening. Coupled with the hard work in training, I came out of Catterick with a far better body than I went in thanks to the fuel from the milk and the hard exercise. It also saved me getting bladdered in the evening and being rough as a box of frogs in training the next day. Basic doesn't go on forever: you can get bladdered whenever you like once you are through.

    I lived the cavalry crewman dream for years until I met the right woman (26th anniversary this year) and decided to move to a job with prospects for a family man. I saw SO many cavalry marriages go down the pan because of the strains put on the marriage by exercise (nowadays read operational) commitments.

    I got a job which gave me a thorough training in computers and, after the associated time-bar for being taught a lucrative civvy job, walked out after a total of 14 years. I am now a Staff Software Engineer for a multinational IT megacorporation.

    So this miner's son has done not too badly for himself. Watch out for debt. An Army salary won't be conducive to debt clearance, so don't acquire any.

    So you can go in with nothing and come out set up for life. Of course if you enjoy the dream, you can stay there until they kick you out. It was 55 in my day. Not sure now.

    Hope this helps.