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I wil be going to Lichfield on 05/03/07 to start my basic training, and I understand that my social life is going out the window, until week 7 when I have a long weekend off.

During Phase 2 I am going to Blandford Forum in Dorset to start my trade training for 42 weeks as an installation technician. Just a few questions on this - are we able to come and go as we feel in our own time? is it likely i will get my own room? is there much of a social life during phase 2 training?

Thanks in advance
You won't get your own room - somewhere between a four and ten man room depending on which block you're in.

You will get a social life outside of work (and obviously around Bull Nights, revision etc), but there is a curfew both in the week (2200 for under 18s, midnight for over 18s I think, although I'm not certain) and at the weekend (2359 for under 18s, 0300 for over 18s). There's also a NAAFI bar on camp although the youngsters were limited to two cans a night while I was there, but that might have changed since the new RSM arrived. You're not far from Poole and Bournemouth and there's always the local slappers in Tiffs if you can't be bothered with a £60 taxi ride to a decent town.
Was at Lichfield doing my basic in 2003. I think it depends what your troopies are like, some troops get out at weekends more than others. My troop got a weekend out in week 7 and then one near the end of training.
Blandford was ok. The weekends are your own and Bournemouth is quality in the summer!! I was in a 10 man room but think you get put into 4 man rooms if you're doing your trade there. Anyway good luck with your training mate and well done for choosing to be a tech......they're the laziest c***ts I've ever met. They spend their days drinking brews and pretending to screw things together. A phrase that might see you right as a tech........."Turn it off then back on again!"
This is Deja Vous, I started my basic at Lichfield in May 1958. we weren't allowed out for 16 weeks and didn't have time for a social life as our feet never seemed to touch the ground. We were in 20 man rooms and the drill cpls lived in the bunks at the end. I moved down to Blandford when it was 1 Bn REME and loved it. Things seem to have improved a bit but the whole secrret of getting over those first weeks is to fit in with the rest of the blokes and work together. If you go there meaning to enjoy it you will . It won't be easy but it will be satifying . Hope you enjoy it as much as I did an dgo on to enjoy a career in the army. I did 15 years and don't regret a minute.
If your going inst tech make sure you ask for a psting to 10 sigs in corsham, or you wont do **** all. Ive just spent 3 years at a reg and the only time i did my job was in Bos/Kos. 10 sigs is the way to go

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