Army Life & Girlfriend

The best logical place to ask this question would probably be the regimental visits I need to attend later this year following officer selection, but the question has been at the very forefront of my mind for the past few days.

How would my lifestyle as an army officer influence my ability to see my girlfriend? Without really knowing a typical day-in-the-life of an officer, I fear there may be a certain degree of incompatibility between the two things. This is obviously the case with deployments and tours, as I believe they can extend to several months. In which case, I may as well cut my knackers off since they will have no use.

I suppose it depends on the job and regiment, to which I've remained very open minded so far, so perhaps I should shut the f**k up and ask the question at the visits. But in the mean time, if anyone has any experience in the matter, I'd appreciate the comments.
For the first 6 months you should buy your gf a rabbit. One that takes batteries, not one that you put in a pie. After that, if you are posted to Germany, or even Wales, it will be a weekend romance every few weekends. But there are plenty of nice girls around so you will have a choice. Many young officers start a panties collection, such items being more socially acceptable than the issue sock, for having a goffle in. I believe that many officers messes have a swap facility where the young bloods can exchange panties and sometimes pictures of the girls. Anyway it is a requirement of the site that you post a pic of the lovely creature. You have 24 hours to do so.
It'll take a very special girlfriend to put up with the next few years of hardly ever seeing you. You may not want to hear this but you should either think about getting engaged or calling it a day.

Oh, and yes, it IS a site requirement that you post a pic up of her. Choose one of the pics that she wouldn't normally let you share.
24 Hours to do so or Jarrod will come a-calling.
I don't know what the rules are at Sandhurst, as I never went, but regular day to day life within barracks can be 8-4 (ish) depending on what regt you are in, e.g. my first role was CVR(T). There are exercises to do within general army life, maybe every 6 weeks when I was there (10 years ago) lasting from 10 to 14 days.
You have obviously thought ahead, with regard to tours, but do remember that a tour can take 9 months of your life up by the time you include beat up training before you go and leave, couple of weeks before the tour and couple or 3 after.
I / No-one on here (maybe even yourself) do not know which regt you are planning on heading for, so you MUST take in to account that some regts are posted abroad. I know there is the rumour mill of closing Germany down, but there are still some Main battle tanks regts there, Cyprus, Canada and so on. I know that on a 2 year tours wives & families go, but certainly up to 9 months (BATUS in Canada) they don't, but I don't know what the cut off time is for sending families.

The visit would be the best as the CO could give some indicators to what might happen to your choosen regt, but look at their history (or the hisotry of the regts you might join) to see where they have beren posted before. I think it is more common place for officers to be able to live off camp, private rented, but it is also acceptable for non married junior ranks & NCO's to be "Pads", I know I was!

If you really want to have a shot at it, do, the last thing you want to do is leave it, split up (Not trying to be negative here) and then wished you had joined. If you join and after a few years you are desperate to be with Miss Dario, but not ready to marry and feel the army & Miss Dario conflict and Miss Dario is more important, then leave and always remember that at the time it was the best choice.

I left 10 years ago because I didn't feel that I wasn't able to combine family life with the army, others can. I have moments I wish I was still in, I think most do, but I get every night with my wife & daughter and can still sit back knowing I served my mates, my regt & Queen and country!

Good luck in what ever choice you make!

The main question you should be asking is who runs your life? You or the girlfriend? Surely you should choose a Regiment or Corps based on how their role and capabilities suit what you would like to experience as an Officer in the Army.

The Army does inpact on the social aspect of life and many a time I have had to disappoint the mrs with a last minute change of plan due to a cancelled weekend or more recently a short notice trip abroad for a couple of months. The simple phrase to ensure you remain motivated by this aspect of military life is, "man up wet pants!"

Girlfriends come and girlfriends go. If she is worth anything then she will put up with your commitments and soon realise that the world does not revolve around shopping at Topshop on a saturday. If she is more of a Harpie then she will simply get rid of you and start seeing your younger brother or best mate thus proving all you need is the Army. Either way it's a win-win situation so don't let it affect your choice of employment and stop being soft.
For the first 6 months you should buy your gf a rabbit. One that takes batteries, not one that you put in a pie.
A tip from a few female friends is "Don't stick duracell batteries in them" I t buggers them up according to them!
A tip from a few female friends is "Don't stick duracell batteries in them" I t buggers them up according to them!
Only if you use it for **** sex. Apparently.
Only if you use it for **** sex. Apparently.
"Apparently" That only happens when you go in "Dry" or you haven't emptied your sack for a bit and put too much strain on the ears, thus the motor and batteries!

Can I suggest lube & your best mate of a sock?
The only advise i can give you really , Your girlfriend should stay independent as possible and do her own thing . Wait till you graduate at sandhurst first then both decide if you both want to progress further with your relationship
I can go 1 better than that, take her to the first regtl do, make sure she gets passed around a few of the lads and after that if shes still hungry for yer then grab her with both hands and feet.

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