army life for a family.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by smart, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. hi all i am looking to join army, royal welsh regiment.been in TA for 3 years.i am 23 but want more from life.but i got a misses and 2 kids so what would life be like for us.

    also whats is the weight requirements for me.
    i am 5ft 11 in and 15 st 1/2

    many thanks andrew
  2. according to my calculations you are very over weight and must lose 34lbs, are you of a muscular build? because i presume you would not be in the TA if that was the case?
  3. i was but its all fat now.not looking to start application till about there a eating guide and fitness guide i can follow.
  4. No special guide, just eat less and run more. Or eat smarter.
  5. Just go down to your local recruiting office and ask for some fitness info, they'll give you that 'get fit for the army' poster, which has lots of useful info on it.
  6. All the recruiting offices in Wales have running / fitness clubs that meet weekly to help you get fit and monitor your fitness.The aim is to to send you to ADSC only when you are fit enough.We also run what we call TASTERS which are a practise run of what you face at ADSC.The link below lists all the office contact details.
  7. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Tell your wife that in order to support her, she has to help you with regular exercise :lol:
  8. Winnah!
  9. If you want to know about family life speak to your PSIs they should be able to answer any questions, take them for a pint and they will tell you all the ups and downs and you can have a diet coke.
  10. How does your Partner think about it?
  11. my misses hates the idea,but its my life.she want me to join RLC,my psi said go for it.they did say something about an s-type engagement but they only last 2 years i want a bit more.
  12. In all honestly can you expect your family life not to suffer if your other half hates the idea?
  13. If you partner doesn't support you then a choice needs to be made!

    I start selection on the 3rd May and I wouldn't have bothered putting my self through training and selection if I hadn't sat down with my wife at the very beginning and had a long and open talk about it all. It would be naive to say that it would only affect your life.
  14. Look carefully at who you join. If your wife works and wants to stay in the UK then maybe the R Welsh are not for you unless you want to go Armoured Inf and stay in Tidworth. Lt Bns move every two years. RLC trickle post but family circumstances are taken into consideration. Speak to your PSIs wives because if your missus hasn't got her head straight then it won't last. Her or the Army, simple choice but you'll be paying for the kids regardless.

    As to the fitness. You'll struggle in basic unless you get the pounds off! ACIO can give you a programme.
  15. Hey mate, i'm also joining shortly. I went to my local career office and i am roughly the same height as you (5ft 11inch and a half, so basically just a tad off 6 ft) and i weigh 93KG, i was told i need to lose 3KG so i'm guessing the weight restriction for our height is 90KG.

    I am also of quite a big build, wide shoulders, big chest etc which doesn't help with matters but what ive been doing is, running every other day and going to the gym and doing only cardio there on days in between (whilst eating healthier however not starving myself) I have also had to stop doing weight workouts as obviously any more muscle will cause me to weigh more and i was allways a big fan of doing heavy weights :p.

    Hope this helps.