Army Lieutenants have the highest mortality of any rank...

Discussion in 'Officers' started by msr, Aug 27, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Rank: In both the Army and the Marines, enlisted personnel have 40 percent higher mortality than officers. The excess mortality of enlisted soldiers is diminished by the high mortality of the lowest-ranking officers, lieutenants, who are typically the leaders of combat patrols. Lieutenants have the highest mortality of any rank in the Army, 19 percent higher than all Army troops combined. Marine Corps lieutenants have 11 percent higher mortality than all Marines. But the single highest-mortality group in any service consists of lance corporals in the Marines, whose death risk is 3.3 times that of all troops in Iraq.

  2. A similar vein was brought up in the film Rules of Engagement, something about average life of an Lt in Vietnam being 20 seconds or something.

    At the end of the day, amongst officers, who is more in danger? The Capt + in the Ops Room or the Lt on the ground directing his plt with the bullets pinging around him?

    Likewise it is the men who take on the inherently dangerous tasks, that of assaulting the known enemy position or unknown areas.
  3. Thank buggery I never had to worry about that!
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Why? Does buggery make you immortal?
  5. Ho ho ho... am quite sleepy this morning... read the title of the thread as "Army Lieutenants have the highest morality of any rank"
  6. In Iraq at the moment UK casualties are 25% commissioned officers - the highest proportion since the Napoleonic wars.
  7. Someone must be delusional.
  8. I have an odd feeling that these figures include shots in the back! :!:
  9. Thank God I made Captain before going on Ops! However logic suggests that Troop/Platoon Commanders who should be leading from the front are likely to be quite vulnerable.
  10. :D Nice one Centurion!
  11. Fukc off you twat. Have a little respect for young officers who are leading their men properly and sharing the risks.
  12. I think SIB are going to want a close look at your customer invoices Baldrick?
  13. There were a lot of stories from the US Army in Vietnam of platoons "fragging" their lieutenants (literally dropping a frag grenade into their tent) if they were about to be led out into what was percieved to be a futile op.

    I heard they would often leave a "warning", like leaving a pinned frag on the Lt's bunk... If unheeded, the next one was sans pin.

    Completely unverifiable, however... but that's what makes this a "rumour" service.
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Not at all. There has been a lot of research into this and it is largely an urban myth. There's a good discussion in B G Burkett's 'Stolen Valor' (which I don't have to hand but does give some credible figures). It goes hand in hand with a host of other Vietnam 'facts' like, for example, the 'fact' that ethnic minorities were over-represented amongst Vietnam conscripts and Vietnam casualties when in fact, as a proportion of the population, they were slightly under-represented; the 'fact' that the average age of the combat soldier was n-n-n-n-n-19 when it was actually around 24; and the 'fact' that Vietnam vets are statistically over-represented in the US prison population. All complete bullsh1t circulated by a range of special interest groups.
  15. That's reassuring, as I am in the process of applying for a commission in the TA. No need to check my bunk for pressies, then?