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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by crayonic, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. Hi all

    First off, nice to meet you all. My first post and everything so be gentle.

    I'm in the middle of applying for int. (just waiting on my selection weekend in Scotland) and an interesting question came up whilst talking to the sergeant at the recruiting office. I wanted to go to Israel next year for a sports conference that my sports federation throws in different countries each year - the Sarg said I probably wouldn't get leave clearance for a zone like Israel... apparently there are a number of countries that are off limits!

    Fair enough says I, but can I get a list of no-go countries? So I'm assuming this isn't classified... anyone know where is off limits? Perhaps with a little 'why?' next to each one?

    Much appreciated - I wasn't planning on Somalia etc. but I was hoping to visit some southern ex-USSR states e.g. Kazakstan, Azerbajain etc. in a few years.



    p.s. Looking forward to the much-aforementioned checking of fences, making of brews and sticking of maps.
  2. Once you are in take a look at DCI Gen 279 of 1999 it gives the instructions for "Travel to countries to which special security regulations apply (CSSRA)". The document is Restricted so I'm not going to put it on here but Israel is not on the list.

    Another place to look would the FCO travel advisory website.

    Bear in mind though at you enter the world of "Int" you may well become subject to tighter restrictions.

    Good Luck
  3. Well a mate of mine is not Int but he was recently holidaying in Iran of all places, quite a lot of historical interest in that place but probably not the best place to be a squaddy on tour. So if Iran isn't 100% off limits then Israel should be fine.

    Like cranners said: Once you're trusted with top military secrets such as NAAFI break timings for 1 foot and mouth then it might be different for good reason, but that would be a good while yet and probably worth it.

    I will now remove my RF/Batt acid burnt back and return the the correct forum.
  4. Cheers for the help guys!

    I'll concentrate on my selection for now, and cross this bridge when I get to it... all these things buzzing around my head at the moment. Probably best I learn to iron my shirts and not shoot myself first before worrying about CSSRA.

    Thanks to whoever set up this website also... a couple of weeks reading the posts has stopped me asking most silly questions, and I think it's given me a much more real idea of what I'm actually applying for. My recruiting colour-sergeant told me how much I'd enjoy Signals Operator in the RS - do they have a recruiting quota to fill or something? :roll:

    After my 2-day selection I've got to visit Chicksands for an interview and some tests. It's all starting to get disturbing real now compared to reading the leaflets. I'm hoping it's close to the job description. Any pointers appreciated for my selection from this point forward!

    Thanks again guys.
  5. Are you female?
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  8. Whatever you do just make sure you do some gold muling in Libya, then do some merc work in Northern Iraq. That usually gets you through the vetting process a lot quicker...

  9. So that you're aware, there are no 'off limits' countries. You are (presumably) a British passport holder so have the right to travel where ever you please (have a look at the inside front cover). As a member of God's Corps you have to apply (as stated) to CSSRA, but this is usually a case of saying where you intend to go and when, so that the Embassy in country know that you are there in case you get into any trouble. OK?
  10. R&P

    Semi correct. The countries on the CSSRA list are not "off limits" but neither are they on limits. Dependant upon who you are, your post, vetting status and reason to visit determines approval to travel by the appropriate security staff. Without digging out all the references the process is:

    Fill in LANDSO/JSP CSSRA paperwork.
    Dependant upon position/vetting status/ intended country receive a Defensive Brief from Sy Offr/ Local MI Sect.
    Approval granted/ denied.
    Holiday/sight see/ buy sell drugs etc
    Receive debrief from Sy Offr/ Local MI Sect

    The CSSRA list is there for a reason - not just to stop people buying cigars (when it applied). The briefs are there to inform the travellers and in some cases prevent them (where possible from getting "stuck" equally the debriefs serve a purpose.

    Our potential newest recruit has a long way to go before he has to worry about the CSSRA process - but hopefully he to one day will have the ‘opportunity’ of interviewing an infuriating passed over Major who didn’t take the pre travel advice and found himself "stuck" :oops:
  11. So many acronyms to learn!

    Cheers for expanding on this -

    so I fill in the forms - the brass review my situation, intention and chances of getting killed, eaten, bought or stuck etc., and say yes or no? But I'm expected to be debriefed when I get back? Sounds fair enough. That's put me at ease a bit more now, as I'd just sulk like a kid if I missed my seminar next year. Obviously wouldn't have a choice if I was on Ops... such is the job I guess.

    Can anyone clear up what JSP and Sy mean? I see them a lot but I just pretend like I know what they mean based on the context.
  12. Joint Services Publication and Security(Sy)
  13. JSP is a Joint Service Publication, which means it applies to Navy, Army and RAF. Sy is the standard abbreviation for Security.

  14. Don't forget your PTIs, DCIs, CFTs, LOA, BFAs, LSWs, TOS, LSN, P&Qs and GAY...

  15. You forgot MIA (especially during the naffi run), NOK, LEC, FCO, USO, PSAO, RSM, MDP, MOD, etc etc etc