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For the past two years I have been working (very slowly) towards my Microsoft Office 2000 Master certificate.  It cost me a small fortune from a reputable IT training company.  I sat four of the exams at civilian centres but when it came to number five I found out that I could do the exam at the local Army Learning Centre.  Not only could I sit the exam, the exam fee was cheaper and I could have had all the study material for free!  All I needed to get access to the ALC was my MoD 90 to get in the main gate.  

The ALCs do a whole raft of courses, IT and Business & Management, which I think are linked with  If you are looking for any courses it is well worth having a look at what they can offer.  
Worth noting (altho maybe not so relevant on a TA board) is that deps can also use the Army Education Centres.

Quite useful if, like me, your serving family member is posted to the back of beyond, and you find yourself unable to get a job. Learndirect offers a whole host of courses, some more useful than others, some easy, some more taxing.

Unfortunately for me, they weren't quite what I wanted. But I certainly couldn't afford the alternative form of study, ie Open University Masters, costing £9K+.
Thanks Pad,  

I did not include dependents because I supposed that TA spouses etc do not normally have the means to get into the Bks .  I also understand that Civil Servants can also use the ALCs - if they can get access.
GGG- Yeah, i'll clarify for others, I'm talking from a Regular Army point of view. :)

It DOES need advertising though, even within Regular circles. If I'd KNOWN how cheap the courses were (and in some cases free) and how often they run, and the qualifications you can study, I'd have used my local AEC's earlier.

Is there a list of ALCs anywhere, who should we ask for more info?


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