Army leak reveals shortage of guns

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wheelchairwarrier, May 6, 2007.

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  1. From todays Sunday Times

    THE army is “critically short” of tanks and guns, with regiments in the UK and Germany stripped bare in a desperate effort to provide equipment for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a leaked document.

    The leak, from the army’s main headquarters, reveals a force that has run out of spares to keep its tanks and armoured vehicles going. The army’s “cupboard is bare”, it states.

    Troops preparing to go to Iraq and Afghanistan are being provided with only a third of the equipment they need to train properly.............


    I just dont know what to say, incredible if true ( although it puts a whole new concept to this years christmas parcel ,boots socks dvd's sweets I can manage ,but a chally 2 !)

  2. At the risk of becoming even more boring than usual, I repeat: nothing under the control of this hopeless so-called government surprises me.
  3. This is nothing new........I suppose we could get spares from China and or do a lend lease with the done in WW2....
  4. Welsh git.
  5. I can kick in with a .44 percussion Kentucky muzzleloader if you like. It's a b@stard getting it to fire in bursts though.
  6. Simple solution, Govt passes more stringent legislation of the ownership of firearms and replica's. Once all these are finally out of the hands of law abiding citizens, they can be converted to fire live rounds in the case of the replica's (quite easily according to nu liarbour) or kept as is, for the deterrent effect. All other firearms can then be issued to our troops along with the relevant ammo. Once the original calibres have been exhausted the weapons can all be converted to standard calibres. With one stroke of the pen two problems sorted. Gun crime down, as no-one in the UK owns anything more lethal than a waterpistol, and a serious shortage in the armed forces filled in a cost effective way.

    OMFG they would do this wouldn't they!!!!!! :censored:
  7. Who?
  8. Watch out Bovington, they will be after any runners you have.
  9. Plenty of kit at the Imperial War Museum....if memory serves me right........I am sure all old arrse'rs will help with any training needs!
  10. Waybe we should grab these 6 back...

    For Sale

    If only for training..
  11. rockhoppercrab , get a grip man this govt would have it the other way round, question is what are they going to do to solve this ? and how soon ?

    Thanks to micksmith for the extra links .

    looks like a job for either the LoF or Airsoft Rgt
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  13. Given the way this thread is going, I ought to point out that the guns ref-ed in the document are RA light guns, not SA80, although there is also a shortage of .50 cal. It is actually shortages of Challenger 2, Warriors and CVRT that is the main focus of the document.
  14. Whole fleet management, another totally inappropriate methodology copied from industry and sold to HM Forces by a spotty 22 year old from McKinsey and Company. The sad thing is not that that McKinsey can sell this cr#p, but that senior officers and civil servants who should know better, buy it.