Army Lads' Stag Night War

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pasty Boy, Jan 17, 2005.

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  1. More from the Sun:

    Army lads' stag night war

    TWENTY-ONE British soldiers were arrested after a brawl at a stag night in Germany.

    The mass punch-up left the best man in hospital and the groom's parents battered and bruised.

    Cops said it was one of the worst incidents of booze-fuelled squaddie disorder in recent years in Germany.

    Anyone know any more?
  2. Reminds me of the good old days :twisted:
    Just been reading a few of your other posts you wouldn't happen to be from the Scum on an angling trip would you ??????? :roll:
  3. TWENTY-ONE British soldiers were arrested after a Wild West-style brawl at a stag night in Germany.

    The pitched battle turned into what one German newspaper branded "wedded blitz". It put the best man in hospital and left the groom’s parents battered and bruised.

    Police said it was one of the worst incidents of squaddie booze-fuelled disorder in recent years in Germany.

    In the red corner were soldiers of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers - and in the blue were troopers from the elite Queen’s Royal Hussars.

    The stag night last Thursday at Neil’s pub in Sennelager, near the British army base at Paderborn, was to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of Queen’s Royal Hussars trooper and Iraq War veteran David Holman, 21.

    A group of ten off-duty Fusiliers, in the area on an exercise, arrived at the pub.

    There is a long standing rivalry between the Fusiliers, who are tough ground troops, and the Hussars who are cavalrymen in tanks.

    Within minutes a huge brawl started in which the groom’s brother, who was to be the best man, had his jaw shattered in two places. He was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery and missed the ceremony.

    The groom’s mother was also hit in the face, and his father kicked in the ribs by Fusiliers chanting: "Put the boot into the QRH scum."

    At one stage, the Fusiliers telephoned for reinforcements and another 30 comrades charged into the bar.

    More than half the 70 guests at the Gulf War II hero’s marriage to 20-year-old Anne McCormick on Saturday were sporting cut lips, black eyes, and bruises.

    Some of their lips were so swollen that they could only drink beer through straws. One appalled guest who took pictures said: "It was like some bad John Wayne B-movie with fists, bottles, and furniture flying and people screaming."

    A Ministry of Defence spokesman said : "We can confirm that an incident took place between off-duty soldiers in Seenelager.

    "Six soldiers are still helping the Royal Military Police with inquiries. The police investigation continues."
  4. why is it not near the British Army base at Sennelager? :wink:

    I can imagine.."hold on a sec guys, just going to phone a friend"

    ok then, so 10 fusiliers + reinforcements of 30 versus more than 35 guests who had bruises etc?(guessing there was more, as not everyone would get hurt)
    I am taking it then that 35+ QRH didnt take care of the initial 10 fusiliers in the first place.
    conclusion= fusiliers better @fighting than QRH OR more bollox reporting by some journo 8O
  5. Fuchs66 wrote:

    Absolutely not - wearing uniform right now!!! My work is obviously so boring that I read the Sun website first thing in the morning (closley followed by ARRSE of course).
  6. i am afraid boys and girls the cavalyry have never been a match for the infantry,never have never will :D
  7. Pasty Boy is NOT a journalist.

    Just thought I'd mention that :D

    10 Fusiliers , took on 30+ QRH?

    HAVE IT!

    Out of idle interest, does anyone know who won?
  8. From the photos of the guests it definitely looks like the Fusiliers won, or maybe they were just ugly bugg3rs to start with!
  9. The local Brigade and Garrison HQ's insignia says it all, does it not? :lol:

    being serious for a moment about this outstanding story, it's all terribly regrettable :wink: but it's hardly the worse thing ever to have happened. Sounds like the average night in the ARRSE NAAFI! :lol:
  10. Many thanks for the back-up PTP - do I know you? Or are you spying on me as I type?

    Unfortunately I am in an open-plan office (listening to civil servants whinge all day) and so have to do a fair bit of looking over my shoulder before I can post stuff on here.
  11. Not spying on you Pasty Boy, just read through your other posts, so have a rough idea what you do. :D

    'Some guests were forced to drink beer through straws' Top skills QRH , have a proper fight, but get back to the beer :D

    I doubt that. I may have been errrr close to a couple of incidents involving other units/Inbred locals and don't remember anyone ever saying "Put the boot into"

    'Got on the telephone and called reinforcements' How long were the 10 holding their own for? 8O

    So instead of running for cover while all this was going on, the guest thought he/she'd snap a couple for the wedding album? :roll:

    I look forward to an after contact report. Will it be in the Regimental newsletter? :D
  12. Go Go The Fusiliers!

    HAVE IT!!!
  13. IIRC, 'Neil's Pub' is a grotty, tiny little place. I seem to remember getting sh1t-faced there one night before redeploying to, what's it called...Tingle-tangle's? Where my comrades and I were 'entertained' by some middle-class American sisters who were, er, 'working' their way round Europe. :D
  14. There was no contest.

    The Fusiliers had their wives with them.

  15. Do apologise if I jumped the gun cant be too careful these days with the scum, mirror and Co trying their best to dig up as much dirt as possible :twisted: