Army knitting circle

For Fucks sake, I log in this morning to the NAAFI which is meant to be "really quite nasty" and find its been invaded by 15 year old single mums

Threads on Carol Vordamans wardrobe, Celeb big brother and now fckiing Hollyoaks , a soap for goodness sake.

you ******* are making the Army the laughing stock of the Western world, I can see the headlines now "Squaddies, limp wristed *******"

What happened tot he threads about sheep feltching and whoring in Ipswich ??
Someone seems to have beaten us to Ipswich and slotted all the ladies of the night thats why!

Sheep ******** real men do it with pythons!!


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Don't worry Polar - The old and bold are still around. It's just that they're all in Second Life.

I've seen them. They're sitting on dancing cows, firing Watermelons at each other and generally being very naughty boys and girls.

Most of the guys are naked, all of the women are hot and Flashy even has a Dildo up his arrse.

Just like a real NAAFI bar after a few beers....
Well I'll be darned! That's a bit of a woolly statement to make early in a morning polar :biggrin: Who's given you the needle? :wink:


Needed to be said though!
I believe Bullet sponge is doing something about this particularly dismal situation!


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