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Discussion in 'Cookery' started by tstern1971, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. Hello I am doing some research for a story that I am writing... I wanted to know what the UK- British Terms for Army Kitchen and the ranks?

    Is Sergeants' Mess is the same thing as Enlisted Dining Facility?

    Is the Canteen is the same thing as kitchen or cafeteria?

    If you can help me I would much appreciated!!!

    Teresa Stern

  2. Oh dear...

    Can I ask how old you are so others can gauge their comments appropriately?
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  3. I am 41
  4. Ahh that's ok then lol good luck with some of the answers you may receive

    I can't help I'm afraid.
  5. Is the book about brits or fellow septics?
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  8. Problem is that we know what they are, but don't necessarily know what they correspond to.

    A Sergeants' Mess is a sort of club/dining facility/home for Sergeants (and usually WOs, where it would be a Sgts and WOs Mess). It combines single living accommodation, messing facilities and a bar. There will be a similar Mess for Officers too.

    I'd guess that an Enlisted Dining Facility would be more like a junior ranks mess, which is generally just a dining facility with accommodation and bar facilities located elsewhere.
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  14. Sergeants Major are Warrant Officers, so eat in the WOs and Sgts mess.
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