Army Kitchen Terms:

Hello I am doing some research for a story that I am writing... I wanted to know what the UK- British Terms for Army Kitchen and the ranks?

Does anybody used the term Dining Facility?

Is the Canteen is the same thing as kitchen or cafeteria?

If you can help me I would much appreciated!!!

Teresa Stern



Or in plain language, it was called "the cookhouse", and was inhabited by a pasty-skinned race called "slop jockeys", or on a good day, "egg-ops".
Hello Teresa, how lovely to hear from you.

The kitchen is referred to as the kitchen, oddly enough. The actual canteen/cafetaria is only ever referred to as the 'dining area', at least within earshot of the Sergeant Maitre D'. The lowest rank is Bottlewasher, followed by Lance Garçon and full Garçon. It's worth bearing in mind that it is customary to tip your waiter for the exemplary service that they're all happy to provide.

Hope this helps.
How about the canteen?
That was introduced for Slattery's Mounted Foot and extolled in their Regimental song -

" It used to be the cookhouse but we called it the canteen
And many an eye was open, and many an eye was shut
In trying to manoeuvre in the Slattery's Mounted Foot"
Do you use Canteen instead of cookhouse? Is it the same thing?
Not really. The cookhouse is where you eat your 3 meals a day, lovingly prepared by the slop-jockeys. The canteen is where you go during a break in work to get a cup of tea from Fag Ash Lil and have a smoke.
Do you use Canteen instead of cookhouse? Is it the same thing?
Are you Dense?

How many times do you need to be told.......It's COOKHOUSE

& the COOKHOUSE is inhabited & run by SLOP JOCKEY's, especially those of the PASTRY FACED variety.

However, you need to be aware of the Head Pastry Faced Slop Jockey, who is normally about 20 stone & carries a SOUP LADLE. This is used to show those who don't clearly understand the "onefuckinsausage" Rule, the error of their ways.:blowkiss:


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A cafeteria is a place where old people go to drink tea and eat custard tarts. A kitchen is where food is cooked. A canteen is a container for holding drinkable liquids or a work place dining facility such as a factory.
Some old people like Bakewell tarts I must add and some even like coffee.
It was only ever known as the Cookhouse!
canteen is a place where feelthy mexicans hang out ..or what yanks drink out of.


Regimental Restaurant in my day. The Wednesday specials, lasagne and a glass of red wine. The Sunday brunch, German Saturday Lunch, celebration lunches on birthdays and obligatory the food fight on Waterloo day, all ******* wonderful and served with a smile. What we got and what we paid for were worlds apart. Not to mention the Rugby team breakfast after training; Steak and eggs.

I pity the poor ******* today with SODEXO and PAYD, we lived like paupers but ate like kings.
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