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Discussion in 'RLC' started by cyprus01, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. We really do get issued some great kit these days on Operations, however you should be allowed to wear it. We have been issued the shorts, some of the guys walk about 25 meters to work, they have to get changed at the gate into there trousers walk 15 meters and then put there shorts on how crazy is that. It's no surprise when you have people like the fat man in BHQ of who thinks he is something special.
  2. You need to get out more if thats all you got to wine about
  3. Why not walk to work in trousers then?
  4. Or go to work in the buff and put them on when you get there
  5. what's that grommit..... wrong trousers??? oh dear... fancy some cheese grommit? :)
  6. Must be terrible for you. What is the army coming to not letting soldiers walk to work on Operations in shorts!
  7. Sorry, forgive me, but im concerned that he is thinking Cyprus, if thats where this guy is, is classed as a Operation?????
  8. Its happening on Telic. I dont think the shorts are issue. Some QM's have squared it with a chogie stitch to alter dessie combat pants.

    Someone quite high up the food chain has decided that the British Army are not actually on holiday regardless of the amount of sun and sand, so dont want us to walk around looking as if we are - if that were the case we should be issued with a knotted hanky for the head.

    Can't be a bad tour if this is all there is to whinge about.
  9. Telic 4, we were issued desert shorts and allowed to wear them in the work place. Not this call sign, didn't matter how hot it got. Just smacks of being on Skegness beach IMO. (Anyway, they were too long in the leg to look good in)

  10. Mcflabo,
    You wouldn't look good in a funkin armanai suit driving a porsche with Kate Moss snorting coke through your O grade Cr's! Admit it you modelled for the Fig 11 and Balderick sends you his uniform to Iron!
  11. WTF fcuk is an iron! There are no straight lines in nature. Obviously this will be you on duty agin after getting chucked out by the missus for NOT being able to drink like a man.
  12. Apparently M M S was seen wearing desert pattern shorts, drinking white lightning, and singing RCT songs, after his missus kicked him out, allegedy!
  13. I'd like to add my 2p at this point. Next time you wander past the cooks tent whilst out in Iraq, Kosovo, Oman etc, pop inside and have a chat with the chef... then you'll really know what phucking hot is. Desert shorts my arse.
  14. I have no dramas with the R.E. wearing them whilst working like mad out in the heat in a non-threat area.
    But some of the feckers at the APOD look like they are away on ''Tony's Tours'' oh sh@t we are. I guess its upto
    to units RSM's /CO's .Saying that any self respecting soldier wouldnt be seen dead in them shorts, they look chippy
    as hell.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    I seem to recall it was only the rock apes on TELIC 6 who wore them.

    I rest the case for P3's prosecution ;)