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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by flagwaver, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. Someone (or rather some people) are selling PRRs on ebay, I've contacted ebay with no reply yet.

    Does anyone know of any more I can do to get these low lifes to stop selling stolen property?

    Just in case you don't know, there are good reasons not to sell this stuff.
  2. Good luck if they remove it!!

    Did you report it as suspected stolen property?
  3. you could try clicking "search" and looking at the other threads about people selling PRR on ebay :)
  4. Morning CR: good to see you get out of the Ops room for a trip to the Admin Office now and again:)
  5. Contact MOD Police - they are currently investigating many simliar incidents.
  6. how do you know the kit is stolen? Some of the sellers are offering VAT reciepts, which means strangely enough that they are VAT registered i.e a business.

    I would imagine that this means that the equipment is freely available on the open market. Do they come with the crypto fills? probably not and I would imagine that the Russians, Chinese, Americans, Eskimos and other foriegn powers already have this kit and are hardly likely to need to buy it on e-bay. Also naughty people in Iraq probably have this kit also (stolen from camps, lost on patrol, left behind in abandoned vehicles etc..)

    Is it really a drama?
  7. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    "Initially supplied to the British Army under the BOWMAN programme, the
    PRR is now in service with approaching 30 nations world-wide. Nearly
    200,000 units have been produced of the current model and the company is
    now exploring further developments of the system and increases in capability"] LINK[/url]

    Basically, everyone who wants one's got one.

  8. I don't see what the big deal is. As far as I can see all the stuff on there is surplus kit that they didn't need or was knackered (the PRRs are fit for spares only it would seem).
  9. exactly, so whats the problem?
  10. You fucking girl's blouse.

    Who gives a shit (except you) anyway?

    The fact that a PRR is for sale will not affect your sad life one iota. However if e-bay sold women it could alter your life, eg give you one.

    Are you related to Norris Cole from Corrie?
  11. I was fairly pole-axed by the amount of British military kit that was being flogged on Ebay last year, so I did some digging. It appears that the Disposals side of the MOD get rid of this kind of stuff (yes, BOWMAN aswell) on a regular basis and it is damn difficult to track through the system. Having said that, there is a certain Staffy at CCRIO who has been tasked to monitor what was being flogged (mainly NVGs/sights etc) and act accordingly.

    Despite what some may feel, this problem costs the tax payer (i.e. you and I) a hefty whack per year (one young Guardsman was flogging his whole TELIC kit entitlement and his OSM until I asked his RSM to have a wee chat with him). Also check out the amount SA80 weapons parts that seem to appear for sale every now and again.
  12. If its onot on his flick then theres bugger all you can do about him flogging his kit. Selling the medal while serving is an obvious no no.
  13. Tell you the truth some cuntbag stole 50 PRR's from a camp I am serving on at the moment.