Army Kilt wanted

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by bootyboy, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. army kilt wanted 36 waist, any Reg or corps
  2. May I ask why?
  3. because I want one simple as that
  4. You easing your way into cross dressing?

    T C
  5. *walt alarm goes into the red*
  6. Hmmmm........
  7. Now lets not be too hasty guys. His name is Bootyboy, its perfectly natural for those of the cabbage head persuasion to dress up as ladies.

    I'm just surprised it's a pongo kilt and not a lovely floral number!

    T C
  8. Yes, but they tend towards Agent P - not House of Bruar ..........
  9. you guys are such a tease
  10. No you're a tease!

    Chase me! Chase me!

    T C
  11. we dont run remember we stand and fight, well they did when i was in now they give in and wear nice Iranian suits.
  12. Back off....he's all man, I've seen him in action! :wink:
  13. i think you need a closer inspection Bustybabe
  14. Buzty! Does OFH know?