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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by beemer, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. Have always wondered how Army Judo is getting on. Was a very active judo competitor until i got out in 97, (u71kg and u78kg class)
    Who are the army team champions now? Is there still a BAOR champs?
    Are we still the inter service champs?
  2. Right then, I'll answer this one, Dunno mate!
  3. i realise im 6 years late with this but the army judo is strong at the moment and yes they are currently the interservices judo champions. the weights have changed a little so ill list them below:
    Under 66 kg 2lt Dadd 16 Regt RA
    Under 73 kg Spr Hutchinson 39 Engr Regt
    Under 81 kg Tpr Narty 1 RTR
    Under 90 kg WO2 Brown 6 Bn REME
    100 kg combined 2Lt Herron HQ AMD
    There were some weight lacking hence missing from the resuts list! assume that there was one in the weight in each of the missing and they got the token medal