Army Joke

Whats the second most dangerous thing in the British army?
an officer with a map
& the most dangerous?
Two officers sharing the same map:)
Who is the most tedious twat on Arrse?

Ooooooooooh, some touchy sensitive buggers here then
Third most dangerous thing
An officer with an order
Same officer with the order determined to carry it out, assisted by the two lemons with the map
5th or 6th
Officer with ambition
I've changed my mind. Robbeaus, have you considered suicide?
As it goes i nearly did once, but the Padre stopped, me pointing out that God would defo send me back to serve time as an officer
9th joke
Welsh Guards officers and the mess silver incident allay Op Corporate
Don't listen to God botherers, go with your instincts. Fly my young apprentice, set yourself free.
You funny man
Robbeaus, if that bird in your avatar is you, I want to airtight you in every hole you possess. If it's not, cancel my last.

PS I'll be starting with the mouth, just to make sure you don't speak.

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