Army Jobs - What should I look at?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by toonquaker, Oct 23, 2011.

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  1. Hi, I'm considering signing up to the British Army, it's something I have been looking into heavily over the last 12 months and as I am not far from 16
    years of age it's about time I got my arse into gear and decided what I want to do. I imagine this type of thread pops up DAILY but I know what risks
    I'm running joining the forces but it's something I am passionly attached to despite my Father's best efforts to lure me into the apprenticeship scheme of things and unwillingness to listen to my argument of agreeing to me joining the army.

    I have studied and studied the website over and over again and I have found 5 or 6 I am interested in but I want to hear from
    experienced men/women who know how the job is and what army life is like.

    So I have come to a conclusion that I am not joining the infantry. I am narrowing my categories down to 'engineering' and
    'IT, Intelligence & Communication'. The Corps doesn't matter to me that much as long as it isn't infantry. I want your guys help to try and see if I can
    find a role in the forces I may be interested in. I am willing to do my homework on any jobs you may suggest going from the following information:

    - I have 10 GCSE's A*-C including Maths, English Language, English Literature, Science and IT
    - I want to be able to sign up by the age of 16.6 years of age (I've noticed, despite I have the qualifications (but not the experience), you need to be
    17.5 or 18 for some/most/all the officer jobs)

    - I'm not geographically gifted so try to avoid those type of roles (i.e. map reading)
    - I would like to go out to Afghan or elsewhere, preferably not on battlefield though (a role where I'm posted at a base, althought don't
    completely exclude roles where I would be needed to go on patrol, do exclude those that consist ONLY of going onto the battlefield though)
    - I am a natural leader
    - I like a job done properly and put maximum effort into it
    - I am good with and interested in computers
    - I am interested in electrical and technical areas
    - I would like a job where I'm outdoors often

    Any help is appreciated, any tips are appreciated, advice, reccommendations, anything, all more than welcome!

    From what I've told you if any of you think you know a role in the British Army that I might be interested in please to let me know and if you'd be so kind to leave a web link where I can find information about that role I'd be greatful for that too, if not, doesn't matter I'm sure I'll find one myself.

    One more thing, I looked at Information IT Systems Operater in the Royal Logistics but it says I should be interested or have experience in 'storage' and
    I found a couple of pictures of guys that seemed to be in warehouses with food... There is no mention of this type of thing in the ISO job description but
    would it be part of my training or my job because ISO sounds interesting to me but, no offence intended to anyone in the style of job because they may
    enjoy it, but I dont want to be a delivery man or someone that checks the stock. So if you could let me know, if there is ways around the storage part of
    Logistics Corps or is this only selected jobs where you do this in the Logistics Corps, let me know, I'm intrigued.

    Thanks in advance, toonquaker
  2. Welcome to the Army Rumour Service. Join the Royal Air Force. Seriously!
  3. I dunno - literate, seemingly sane, no known terminal diseases, extensive criminal history or freakish deformities, asking a reasonable question in the right forum...someone to be cherished, surely?
  4. Take your Fathers advice.

    You are quite obviously shit scared of getting zapped by a high velocity Disprin.

    Don't fancy the Infantry........fat cnut

    Want to be in a Base.......REMF.

    10 GCSE but can't read a Map........Useless.

    Like a job outdoors.......Fine, how would you find your way back?

    Interested in Elec. and Tech Areas.......You want to gaze lovingly at Antenna Fields

    Aw, I'm fed up now and off for a thrape!

    PG is spot on, join the RAF.
  5. Sounds like a perfect candidate for Crab Air
    (post snuck in behind Arters)
  6. 'preferably not on battlefield though'.

    Ooh. Oh dear. You're clearly unaware that the queues in those foreign duty-free shops can get pretty brutal. Those smelly ethnics think nothing of using their elbows or cutting in front of a chap at the bar during Happy Hour.
  7. What posts #2, #4 & #5 said.

    Just don't go for the RN. They're in enough doo doo as it is.
  8. Ummmm, thats rum, bum & baccy territory
  9. TQ, can you post the pictures of the guys raiding the Cookhouse?

    Hang on, you weren't a Cold War Warrior in a previous life, perchance?
  10. A born leader at 16, but who can't read a map..... do what your dad says!

  11. Here is a thought....pop into your local Army careers office and have a chat with them. However, if you don't want to be on a battlefield, I would add to the suggestion that joining the RAF or even the NAVY is a better option for you, as from reading your post, you do nort seem to be the type of motivated person that the army needs....but the perfect indecisive knob end that the RAF and NAVY love.
  12. Or an RLC officer.
  13. Perfect Occifer Cadet candidate according to the analysis of the usual Arrse suspects too hung over to respond yet. Give it 5 or 6 hours and watchl I am totally unqualified to make any statement of course.
  14. My Dad said "Don't go down the Pit".......silly old fart.
    My Dad said "Don't join the Army"..........silly old fart.
    My Dad said "Don't marry her"...............silly old fart.
    My Dad said "I'm leaving you a load of dosh"....Daddy, you are the best Dad in the World!
  15. Okay perhaps you misunderstood me
    The guy who said 'Im dont seem to be motivated enogh for the army' did you not read what I first put? I have spent 12 months going over and over the BA website
    doing research into each Corps to see what there role is, I think I sound like I'm interested enough to be motivated, also if I wasn't motivated I wouldn't be wasting my
    time replying to someone who refers to me as a 'knob end'

    I don't want to go on the battlefield I meant I dont want to be front line and to be honest I'm not bothered about being shot or killed, I would just prefer to not
    be shot or killed, as does anyone. So yes, I meant not consistantly front line
    I'm not geographically gifted I also got a B in Geography but I didn't enjoy it that much so I wanted you to exclude that area if possible so I can read a map and
    I am capable of most geographical work, so as the majority of you seem to despise non-map readers, I can so if this changes anything could you guys please
    re-answer? Thanks