Army Job Specifications Library (Online)

I've been asked to find my own job spec (one would have thought it would be given to me but apparently not...). Now, instead of just writing down that I'm reponsible for the drinking of beer and eating of pies within the HQ I thought I'd use MSWeb and find my spec as held by the job specs library.

Not that easy as I need a Job Spec Number. I've tried putting my PID in but get a "404-page not found" error.

I've asked our G1 for a few more reference numbers that might work but surprise surprise they don't work.

Can anyone help before I write my own (drink beer, smerk tabs, eat pies, stay at home)?

(It's an E2 SO3 job if that's relevant)
For the jobspec library you don't use the PID, you need the JSN (Job Spec Number). The only place I have seen them is on the Jobs list - collumn B. Your MCM div may be able to help you if your job isn't currently on the list.

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