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Army Issued Kit

Im starting to look at the kit issued by the army when your a fully fledged soldier, obivously i dont wanna dive too deep into it and i suppose only a enlisted soldier can answer this question properly, is it worth buying any of my own kit or is everything your issued with of a decent standard??

I.e:should i buy my own boots or are the issued ones good enough??

Feel free to shoot me on sight if this is in a topic already but i couldnt see anything, i just wanna make sure ive got the best start possible to my possible military career.

Thanks guys 8)
for once i wont take the piss, when you get to basic you will get everything you need to become a trained soldier. Thats all you need to worry about for now, Once you have been in for abit you might start getting "these boots are shite" feelings or in other words "these issue clogs dont look cool enough" and shop around for a better pair. same goes for the rest of non issue kit, you wont know your preference until youve tried issue kit so dont go buying chest rigs now because the webbing "looks crap" and all that.
thanks buddy, i guess nothing is as good as experiencing the kit 1st hand, i remember my air cadet boots were sacks of shite so i replaced them with magnums, having said that times have changed since 1999!! lol

Cheers again mate
You won't be allowed to use your own kit for Phase 1 and you won't know what to buy, so don't bother. The issue is very good these days; you'll do fine with what you have. Read the kit list thread for the odds and ends, but otherwise don't worry.
Don't, on any account, tip up at the training depot with aything that can't already be issued.

As mentioned above, wait until your'e in Regt/Bn/unit and then spend to your hearts content. But don't buy the gucci kit that looks good but is unrealistic to the role. Supa-dupa assualt vests with detachable grenade pouchey thingies somehow don't fit in at a field hospital. Also ultra sleek comfy all terrain Gor-tex fibua booties for the admin office may seem a bit extreme too. Although there's always opportunities to wear the gucci kit, it's best to think 'fit for role'
The issued kit is a lot better now than when I & others joined up back in the day (1984).We got DMS boots which were crap & uncomfortable compared to what you get now.
Also bear in mind a lot of the expensive gucci kit is crap but possibly good for cadets.(who have oodles of pocket money!)
Bromo_mcrae said:
Hi to all going catterick on the 3rd of may what kind of items do we get issued then? what happens if it gets damaged or lost ? cheers bromo
Lost - You get billed (unless your the QMs sexual favours b!tch)

Damaged - 1 for 1 replaced

You'll get issued everything you need, that's all you need to worry about!

boots are possibly your most important bit of kit. some blokes swear by the issued ones, others buy nice expensive lowas [or other suitable boot]. Personally i think the issue ones are fine once broken in.

Probably better to take a regular's advice though as i'm only a STAB :wink:
The latest boots are good once broken in and are easy to put a quick bull cap on too. Seeing soldiers in Lowas while they are desk bound and in an aircon office beggars belief.
Something you can buy and use in basic from day 1 week 1 is insoles.

I'd sugest looking at the range of Sorbothane ones, they really can make a huge improvement to the comfort of issued boots!
that insole advice is probably the best thing i could have heard concering boots! excellent this site is definatly the dogs dangly bits!! and to think my AFCO advisor tried to put me off coming on here!!!

Cheers boys
Punk_trooper said:
that insole advice is probably the best thing i could have heard concering boots! excellent this site is definatly the dogs dangly bits!! and to think my AFCO advisor tried to put me off coming on here!!!

Cheers boys
(You can also put the insoles into your issued trainers when you do PT aswell to help reduce the risk of shin splints etc.)

Your careers advisor is probably Infantry and doesn't know how to use the Internet hence him telling you to not use this site!

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