army issued boots

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Joshuaaa, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. can anyone help me with a website where i can get genuine army issued boots for as little as possible, as i want a pair to train in before basic, thanks
  2. What size + width do you need?
    What Corps/Regt you looking at joining how long before you start?
  3. you will have to wear the ones they give you at basic anyway, might be worth saving your self the money and just wait till you get there. you will break them in quickly anyway
  4. id go with a size 10M i think, at a guess as my foots quite wide. and im joining the Royal Engineers and start february 6th.
  5. Cadet Direct - The Leading Supplier of the UK Cadet Forces

    only cadet shops will sell you real boots the rest are all fake, ur looking at 40 - 50, get the lightweight assault boots, you can practice your bulling as well
  6. That's a pretty damning statement, are you able to back it up? there are lots of places that sell genuine CABs Cadet direct can also be pretty pricey compared to other places.

    You can only wear issue boots during basic and as to bulling boots......
  7. So how long've you been working for them?

    Nobody recommends cadet direct! Witham's deal with defence disposals, and Cadet Direct have no better access to what comes out of Withams than anybody else who wants to pay the money.

    Witham's even do their own retail:

    The Outdoors - UK Army Surplus Shop - Assault Boots Grade 1 there you go, £20, sorted.

    Or £30 gets you supergrade The Outdoors - UK Army Surplus Shop - Assault Boot Super Grade which is issued, out of box, but never used to any extent.