army issue tasche

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Para_Chute, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. last seen 1995. wtf did it go?
  2. I still have mine.
  3. Still got mine too :D

    It's more of a mexican tache these days - gonna hav to get it to regulation shape before I get jailed tho!!!

    F_F_box sees it as an endless source of mirth :D

    Long live Ron Jeremy that's what I say pmsl
  4. A moustache is not a moustache unless you can see it from behind. Mine is hidden in a full set now.
  5. mine is still there since i was a boy soldier, bit greyer now but hey ho
  6. Mine is as resplendant as ever (no sign of grey ........ yet!) :lol:
  7. someone just reported seeing the issue tasche leaving with the friday afternoon urine ups. this was in winter of 98.

    its just not the same
  8. Still quite common amongst tankies and Recce units when promoted to SNCO. Memories of these upper lip warmers are always available on any SSVC production.
  9. Shaved mine off the day before i met the long haired general, who confessed afterwards that she hated tache's. So now Im not sure if shaving it off was a good thing or a bad thing :?
  10. They seem to be more common on Ops. The "Tour Tasche" is usualy priority number one when the first grain of sand hits your boot!

    I made the mistake of talking to Mrs MB using a webcam with said tour tache looking marvelous - she was fecking horrified and refused to talk to me :D

    Now why didn't I think of that 10 years ago 8)

  11. Slightly off thread but the "Ops beard/goatee" appears to have the same effect with my sunray.. scorn, derision and then just general abuse from her... dont know why.. Its my fizzer and its not like shes got to anywhere near it for several weeks at a time...

    Edit - Just in case.. not serving any longer.. but still in a sandy place for weeks on end.
  12. Once shaved mine off,and my daughter took one look and said.....aarrgghh Dad you are really ugly.Needless to say its back!
  13. Shaved mine off one day - daughter or Mrs Busta didn't notice for a week. Come to think of it there's no piccys of me dotted around the house either. =(
  14. Mine went about 1995, first grew it whilst in Londonderry back in 1985. Still shudder at the memory of one of my mates wiping knob cheese on it whilst on exercise in Portugal (you dirty bast*rd Bomber).
  15. A tache is not a tache unless it screams sex

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