Army is still spying in S.Armagh,says Sinn Fein

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    From todays Belfast Telegraph----

    Belfast Telegraph Home > News

    SF fury at 'Army spying'
    Meeting sought with Blair

    By Marie Foy

    24 February 2006
    This is the weather-beaten document which Sinn Fein claims is proof of ongoing Army spying in south Armagh.

    The document was said to have been found by a farmer two weeks ago close to an Army post.

    Sinn Fein says it shows that 12 spy cameras operating from Faughil base are trained on the homes of nine individuals, a GAA club and an unidentified building.

    The party claims one of the cameras is focused on the entrance to the Dromintee GAA club grounds as well as the homes of people who live in the shadow of the Army post.

    One of the individuals named on the document is Sinn Fein councillor Patrick McDonald, who said the only common denominator between those listed was that they were all members of the GAA club.

    "I can't see what they are trying to achieve.

    "There are people who aren't connected with any political group and yet their house has been targeted for no apparent reason," he said.

    Sinn Fein's Conor Murphy said the community was outraged, particularly the club.

    Mr Murphy said the document was called "R21M Pathfinder Camera Reference Guide" and "may have been left by a foot patrol".

    In the case of four of the 12 cameras the words "not in use" are printed beneath the camera number.

    There is no date on the document.

    Mr Murphy said Sinn Fein would be challenging Prime Minister Tony Blair about "ongoing military activity" at a meeting next week.

    He welcomed the "beginning of movement" on the removal of "spy posts" but said people still "had frustrations".

    An Army spokesman said: "We do not comment on alleged operational activities."

    So Sinn Fein's p****d about 'alleged' spying by the Security Services,bet their still spying on us!
  2. If they stopped being naughty boyos and became law abiding citizens, there would be no need for them...apparently. The Independent State of South Armagh. We dont want them and the South dont want them. We should allow them to create their own Republic but we should cut the whole of South Armagh off and relocate it in the South Atlantic. They could swop with the Stills in the FI.

    (Funny how feck off big Tricolours fly at the old sights now though. Just cant please some people).
  3. The Army today announced that someone was looking at them. Gerry Adams' wife said "I'm a woman - can't you understand that? I can't be expected to pretend that maggot boy is a man. I've got to look at someone.."
  4. Is it spy in your own country? I thought on your own soil it was classed as surveillance.
  5. ^^^
  6. That may be true. But you have to take two things into account.

    a) The term surveillance isn't a strong enough word when the 'propoganda speak' term spy can be used to inflame passion to a much higher level.

    b) In their selective world where legalities and democracy don't actually mean anything to themselves, just other groups, it's their soil, not British Soverign soil.

    If they weren't still doing something wrong they wouldn't mind their activities being monitored. If they lived in London, Manchester, Brirmingham or many other places they would be followed by many more cameras than they are in the province. Once again it's a case of wanting to be treated better than anyone else even though it's them who've got the record of having participated in criminal and terrorist activities. Go figure.

  7. They can think Sh*t is sugar for all that it matter they lost the armed struggle its British soil.
  8. I'd agree with that, but that doesn't stop them constantly getting a lot more than they deserve. what with Neue Arbeit constantly backing down from them at every oppertunity... which is surprising when you hear all the bo11ox about clamping down on terror organizations.
  9. Their not terrorist they are freedom fighter didn’t you know that. the difference is the one deliberately kills and mains civilians to bring about there aims and the others are just terroists.
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Ah,But according to them,It's NOT our country......
  11. It's OUR country and WE can do what WE want in it as long as WE abide by OUR laws Mr Adams!

    Oh, by the way, LAWS are what YOU NEVER abided by terrorist scum (wouldn't surprise me if you were in cahoots with Al-Qaeda)!

    There is only 1 good terrorist and that's the one bleeding to death!
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    True,But what always p***es me off is that they're very happy to take our dole money.I knew of one bloke who's mom got a car provided for a disability HOWEVER her son was using it for taxi'ing down south!!
    He got caught in the end when they queried the high milage!
  13. War by other means.

    Use up the enemies resources in unproductive (for them) activities.
    And all without meeting in battle. Sun_Tzu would approve.
  14. I think they are using the word "spy" in the same way that they used to use "SAS murder gang" any time a provo was shot.

    In all fairness I am pretty sure that they are still "spying" as well.
  15. Frankly who cares they have lost the war the latest armed struggle (1969-1999). Ulster is still under the Queen writ they can say what they want they gave in. lets face it the ira proved better at knee capping teenagers than fighting