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Hello everyone, it's my first post of many to come on here, so be gentle! I think this is the right forum to ask this question, my apologies if it isn't.

Having been on a first, small interview to discuss the basics and do some basic form filling for an Army officer application, I now have a longer, 50 minute interview to attend. I was hoping to get some advice on what to expect from you kind gentlemen! Perhaps it would help if you read the letter I recieved, so you get an idea:

Dear Mr CrashDummy,

Thank you for your completed Potential Army Officer Information Form which was recieved by our office today.

Please telephone me to book a mutually convenient date and time for you to meet Debbie Coupland the Army Careers Advisor.

The interview will last approximately 50 minutes and gives us the opportunity to confirm your eligibility, arrange for you to make visits, outline the content and time frame of the selection process and for you to gain further information before making a firm decision to proceed.

The office is located close to Blackheath BR station which can be reaced from London Victoria, London Bridge or Charing Cross. Upon leaving the Station you should cross the road, turn right and walk up the hill to the Army Careers Office, approximately 150 metres.

Yours Sincerely,


So I'd imagine I have a bit of form filling ahead of me, if they're checking my eligibility etc. However, if all they mention in this letter is outlining the content and time frame of the application process, I believe there's quite a few minutes of that 50 that are unnaccounted for.

I was wondering if anybody would know the sort of questions that I could expect?

I'm expecting the usuals: Why do you want to join the army, what regiments or corps do you have in mind. Why do you want to be an officer etc. Any advice or hints as to what to expect, or other approaches that may be taken would be greatly appreciated.

My genuine thanks,

Thanks for that. Sorry, I should have searched before making a new topic. I haven't found much specific to this particular interview; yet.

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