Army interview on Monday...any pointers?

My nephew had a call this morning to attend interview on Monday. He only had his BARB on Tuesday! A fast turn-around indeed. Would it have anything to do with the fact that he scored 86? (I didnt think that was possible :p ).

Anyroad, I know its a suit and shoes job, thats all sorted.

Should he get genned up on Corps history and that. He`s adamant on the infantry (16th A/A, but I reckon they might try and steer him away with a good BARB score). What else will they focus on?

Any advice?
My son is going through the process at the moment.

If you mean 16 Air Assault he will have to specify which Inf Bn he wants. Not 100% on 16 Air Assault make up, but i think they have Para Bns and line infantry in the Brigade.

If his scores are high and he has good academic grades they may try steer him towards a technical Corp like the REME, Royal Signals.

My son was advised to look into the job/trade he wants to do, the Corp/Regt ( equipment they use, where they are based, abit about their history)he wants to join etc just to show he had done some background and knew abit about what he was choosing.

All the best
Thanks crunchie. Ive let him know that if its infantry he still wants then it will have to be 1,2,3 Para or 2 Btn the Royal Irish (I think). Saying that, I dont know whos next on Btn rotation for the Royal Irish.

Hes a bright kid, and I think he`ll do well GCSE wise, so we`ll have to see. I suppose theres many a trade attached to the A/A Bgd.

All the best for your lad...its a great thing theyre doing :D

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