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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Bignick1, May 25, 2008.

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  1. Hello, I wonder if you can help. My daughter has joined the local cadets. One of the instructors bangs on about great he is and how great 'The Regiment' is. He has 3 stripes on his arm and during a parade he wore No 2 Uniform with quite a few badges & medals on. I have found what they are and they are Parachute wings, Skill at arms / crossed rifles, PTI / crossed swords, Queens Jubilee medal, Bosnia medal, Kosovo Medal and a medal that he also says is for Bosnia that has green, brown, red & white on the ribbon. Is he full of crap or is he the real deal. My question is where do you wear the above insignia? I think he claims he's a Para but I thought they had to earn their beret...this guy wears a Blue/black beret.
  2. Post a picture of him before we decide if this is a Wah or not.
  3. Hmm, ticking along quite nicely at a ton. :wink:

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  4. Firstly, Whats a 'WAH' and secondly, getting the oppertunity to take a pic may be hard to come by. If its any help, he has stripes on both arms, Parachute Wings on his top R/H sleeve, crossed swords between the stripes and wings and a pair of crossed rifles on his lower arm/cuff. Is this the right place for them to be? Also his dates for his medals don't quite add up. I have a few friends who are ex-service and they were on the operations in which the medlas were awarded. I remember the dates they were there and this guy is very random on his claims of his tours.
  5. Certainly not a WAH...So this guy isn't all he's cracked up to be?? Just need to think of a way to 'trip' him up....pref in public! Just for the record, were exactly do you were the insignias if anyone can help?
  6. The badges - as you've described - appear to be in the correct positions. Get his name and one of the lads on here will ping it off to PCAU for verification. It's as simple as that. Try the Infantry Forum if you get no joy here.
  7. WTF? Bells ringing. :?
  8. I heard all Adult Instructors in cadets were Sgts, may explain why he is a Sgt and not a Cpl.

    Does he look fit enough to be a PTI?
  9. its cadets who gives a f uck
  10. Thats good, it'll keep her from being one of the many kids these days that are a pain in the arrse ... i.e. a chav hanging aroud the streets, doing drugs and terrorising OAP's.
    It's nice to hear of kids doing this sort of thing (cadets etc). And also isn't it great when you get other people who give up THEIR free time to help out with the kids.

    Do they instruct at your daughter's new cadet unit?

    GREAT IDEA!!!!! and whilst you are at it why don't you witch hunt all of the rest of the instructors there, that way the cadet unit will fold and none of the kids will have anywhere to go and be taught self discipline etc.

    You sir are a diamond!!!

    Lets face it, this guy has volunteered to give up his own time, for no pay, to help out local kids He would have had a CRB check and as such should be all above board on the legal front. He acts as a 'free' babysitter for your daughter at certain times (when she attends the cadet unit), and you are trying to ridicule him in public!!

    I used to coach a local youth rugby team, and I can tell you from personal experiene that you hardly ever, if at all, get any thanks from parents for helping THEiR kids, instead all you get is moans and groans, iy's amazing to me having been through all that, that anyone volunteers to do this kind of thing. It is stressful looking after a bunch of other peoples kids, in this modern world of compensation claims etc, which is why many people come out of it.

    I sincerely hope that this guy is genuine and there is no problem

    And if he is genuine, I also hope that you give him a MASSIVE apology

    If it weren't for bloke like this your daughter woldn't have a cadet unit to go to!!!!!

    rant over
  11. yeah he looks quite in shape. I just heard about guys who claim they have done courses & tours etc when they haven't. Just checking really, and also those that bang on about it all of the time usually have done f**k all.
  12. Everything you have said makes sense less for the Skill at arms badge, he may of said Corporal in 7 RHA when it would of been expected Bombardier, however

    a, He could of been non RA attached (REME/RLC/AGC)
    b, He may of thought you didn't know what Bdr is and simplfied his rank especially if its a non RA ACF unit.

    His medals are fine espcially with time in, well almost, he said he left in 2005 after 9 years whihc meant he joined in 96, that mans Kosovo, IFOR/SFOR and QGJM are all fine, the other one you mention sounds like the UN Bosnia one

    Looks like this one


    thing is to get this he must of done 3 months there prior to 20 Dec 1995. Either he is bullshitting or just got his dates mixed up. he may of been one of the lucky bunch who qualified for both UN and IFOR on the same tour

    Rank is right for the time served my only thing is the SAA badge in the RA, if its an instructor (and t my knowledge the only crossed rifles badge in the RA is instructors) it should of been above the stripes, he may of put that in the wrong place becuase if his PTI swords in which case he is breaking regs with reference to number of badges worn on number twos. Thinking about it are you sure they are rifles and not flags, the latter would make more sense.

    As to the beret, paras earn the wings, maroon berets are brigade issue so if anything he should be commended in NOT wearing a para beret in a non para unit, instead he is wearing the insignia of the unit he is working with and the cadets wear, so good on him.

    Either that or he is a very clever walting cnut
  13. Also, you don't wear crossed swords as a Sgt, ONLY PT Corps guys wear them at senior level.
  14. No corporal's in 7 RHA (unless REME), cannot wear 2x skill at arms badges (not even sure crossed rifles can be worn or earned by gunners) and touch and go he qualified for the QGJM, Kosovo 1998-9 possibly, UNPROFOR 1992-6 so not while he was serving.........
  15. No dramas, I was just checking because you hear of all these wanna bes, I wasn't to sure. I have 2 freinds in Para Reg,a freind in 9 Para, and a friend in 13 RLC, they all have worked bloody hard and rarely talk about their jobs, This guy may very well be the genuine article, but like I said...just checking. Its also highly commendable for ANYONE to give up their time and help out as instructors as you said, Its not in my interest to 'Witch hunt' the rest of them, I was just curious about this particular guy as he stood out from the rest of them. If he is the real deal then I would be happy to offer an apology.