Army Insight Courses - A question.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DaPs, May 28, 2008.

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  1. I have been looking for insight courses to go on, but after going on the Para insight course, i can only find the Royal Engineers insight course.

    I have searched the Army website, google and on here and cannot find any info on any other courses.

    So my question is, does anyone know any other insight courses that the army does and that anyone can sign up to do?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Im booked for the para insight course on june 20th, could you let me know what you did? Cheers.
  3. First night:

    Kit issued.
    Packed lunch given.
    Given rooms.
    Bleep test.


    Room Inspection.
    1.5 mile run.
    Sit ups and press ups best effort in 2 minutes.
    Jerry can carry.
    Heeves best effort.
    Couple of lessons about the army and parachute regiment, weapons systems etc.
    Back to accomodation to get into boots and coveralls.
    Para assault course, command tasks etc.
    Back to accomodation, shower.
    Naafi for chill out with the lads, game of pool, watch tv etc.

    Sunday Morning:

    5:30 am start.
    Into boots and coveralls.
    Room Inspection.
    Log race.
    Back to accomodation for shower, get changed, clean rooms etc.

    I'm sure i left a couple of things out, but that's pretty much it.
  4. DaPs - How many more times do we have to tell you, GO AND SEE YOUR LOCAL AFCO.
  5. I've heard the Royal Engineers insight course is one of the best on offer, if not the best. That's from an unbias point of view, by the way.

    With the new flashy website, i'm not sure what's on there anymore or how to get to the said parts, but I doubt you'll find out too much on ARRSE, next thing you know you'll be asking for the SAS insight course :roll:
  6. Now you mention it.................. :lol:
  7. Grenadier Guards have one i think. DaPs shitting it now about insight course!
  8. I'm going on a "Potential Army Officer Course" 14 - 18th July. Wondering if anyone is either going on it or can shead some light on what its like/fitness aspect/or any tips?

  9. Try asking in the orifice area of the forums. I'm not going to post a link, use your initiative.
  10. Your shitting yourself? There is nothing to worry about mate. Just go there, make some mates and give it your best.
  11. I've got one coming up on the 2nd of July at Larkhill, anyone else going?
  12. Is this the one in Sandhurst?

    I wouldn't worry about it at all. It's just a wee tour around sandhurst, a few videos on recruitment, and they basically tell you everything you'll do about sandhurst. You do the 1.5 mile run and the pressups and situps, but frankly, some people came in with appalling times, so I wouldn't worry too much.
  13. AFCO. End of.
  14. Pick up the phone and ring your local Armed Forces Careers Office. They will be able to tell you whats available. Most Regts and Corps now run an insight course, less the medical corps. Normally you will attend a general Army insight course, this will give you a better understanding of what life is like in the Army. You can then follow it up by attending a more Corps or Regimental specific course RE, Paras, RLC etc.

    I too would agree with young RoyalEngineers, when he says that the RE Insight course is the best ... as i help run them.

    Either phone the careers office direct, or if you're still at school, speak to your careers advisor.