Army insight course on tuesday and haven't received a kit list!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by potentialrecruit13, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. Hi there, as the title suggests im going on an army insight course on tuesday to garelochhead (23-25) and have been given no kit list or any other details! could some helpful soul please help a brother out?
  2. Here's a suggestion, not comprehensive though. I'll go over the bone stuff just to make sure.

    Personal Kit

    Underwear x5
    Socks x5
    Business Suit (Or something similar)
    Casual Clothes for NAAFI x1-3 (You'll have loads of free time, though won't be able to do much with it)
    Formal shoes; leather, black x1
    Tracksuit x1
    KFS x1
    Mug x1
    Warm kit x1
    Running trainers x1
    PT Shorts x1
    Flint roller x1 (To clean suit with)


    Toothbrush x1
    Shower gel x1
    Toothpaste x1
    Aftershave or Parfume x1
    Shaving kit (If you don't shave before attending)
    Hair comb x1 (Your choice)
    Towel x2 (Small for general use and big for showers0
    Flip flops for ablutions x1


    Locks for your suitcase
    £20 for vending machines and possible other expenses during transport
  3. Thanks very much mate appreciate it. What would appropriate parer work be?
  4. The letter with details of your AOIC location and list of timings etc. Bring the part of the document that needs to be submitted to the Directing Staff on the day. If you don't, they'll refuse you attendance to the course and your ACA will be then involved.

    Feel free to ask me any more Qs.
  5. Oh wait, you're going for 3 days instead of 5. Just bring 3x of everything that was listed as 5x, instead of 5.
  6. I have received no letter at all from them. All i got was a phone call last week asking me if i wanted to go. I said yes and he said be in glasgow for 9 o clock, didn't say where although i asumme its the careers office. He said he'd send something out but nothing has come. So other than the phone call i have had absolutly no contact or no information whatsoever!
  7. Bloody hell, if this is an accurate account of what's happened to you, then you should get into contact with your ACA ASAP! Confirm location and time, request for more details and paperwork. have them reiterate any instruction you've received from then again to make sure they know what they're doing and are not going to deny something later on. Then act upon the instructions received.

    Hopefully everything turns out alright. Good luck and remember to switch on, don't gob off, behave yourself and bloody well do the best that you can do on the course and you'll pass with a gleaming report at the end of it.

  8. Remember these are not organised through the CA at the Careers Centres anymore , they are booked by the NRC and your Candidate managers (CSM'S). Best thing to do is phone the NRC up tomorrow and ask to speak to those in charge of booking the Outreach activities.
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    Ah Crapita strike again.
  10. Pretty sure I did that LAL course a few years ago (transport's probably on Queen St). Just bring a grip bag with trackies for the evening, set of PT kit, few pairs of socks / underwear, toiletries / towel / flip flops & cash (vendies & NAAFI)/ phone. They'll supply you with combats and boots there.
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  11. Hi! I know your course was last year, but I have mine soon. Just wondering if you have any tips? what did the course consist of?
  12. Some PT (PFA), buckshee assault course, bit of DS led nav, some generic army theory... I'm struggling to remember as it was almost 5 years ago & has probably changed.

    There were 2 girls on the LAL course when I went in 2010 housed in separate accommodation (obviously).
  13. it doesn't sound as if things have changed much my grandson got told 2 weeks ago he'd be going on insight course 28/11/2016 got train ticket code on Thursday teatime. no other info about what to take even though he's spoke to his advisor and been told anything he should have would come in the same e-mail, so flying blind and taking as much as has off the kit list for assessment course and hoping for the best
  14. I'm going to the Officer Generic Army Insight Course on the 24th – 26th October 2017 in Longmoor, however I have been given very little information on what to bring or what we will be doing at the Officer Generic Army Insight Course. Can anyone give me some helpful advice?
  15. I'm attending an insight course in a few weeks, this is the upto date kit list, should be the same for you even though I'm on a different course

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