Army in Society - a long way to go methinks

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Scabbers, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. So, nipped in to town during lunch in order to rearrange my mobile 'phone tarif. Simple procedure and should have been an emotionless 20 minutes.

    I'm dressed in clean, smartly ironed CS95, complete with poppy. My beret is on correctly and my boots are clean.

    After telling the attractive young lady what I wanted she ushered me to a computer console to do this biz re phone tarif change.

    " Now, sir", she asks politely, " Are you employed ?"

    GIVE ME FCUKING STRENGTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. mongs dont you just love them

    did you ask her if she was a woman!
  3. It is halloween, perhaps she thought it was fancy dress
  4. She obviously thought you were a walt!
  5. Not nice...not nice. I hope that your next bowel movement is ahedge-hog.
  6. She's probably just been programmed by some company 'training' course to go through a checklist by rote.

    Employers nowadays don't seem to value initiative in their employees, they far prefer 'corporate' standards.
  7. I once heard it described as the American 'Smart system, dumb operator' method, as opposed to the British 'Dumb system, smart operator'.

    In fact, IIRC it was someone from the ACC discussing field kitchens in some magazine, a fair few years ago.
  8. Perhaps you need to ali-up your uniform so as to avoid the same. Falling that, please reply to said female, 'Do you bleed for 3 days a month without dying?'

    The farmers make all my movements feel like hedgehogs anyway :x
  9. That is stupidity to the nth degree.
  10. What did you say to her Scabbers?
  11. Did you ask for her number........just to check to see if you're phone was working properly of course! :)

    A bint that thick will be easy to woo into bed. When I say "woo" I mean buy her a pint of snakebite, and she's all yours.