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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by UKChrisT, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    Do you get an Army Indentification Card if joining the Territorial Army?, If so how long are you expected to wait for it? at what stage should you receive it.

    Something i've always been puzzeld about.
  2. Always puzzled about? Always? Ever since conception?

    My, what a sad life you must have.
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  3. Why?

    You will get it when you need it.

    You sound like a bit of a walty type.

    Put in a parade night a month, do fuck all else, claim dole money, then when your mates down the pub ask what you do, you tell 'em your in the army, and wack out your ID card.

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  4. No, you don't. What with the current security climate, and the state of the Army's budget, we don't get issued them anymore. You have to make your own out of A5 paper, stating your name, age, height, and firearm of choice.

    Edited to add: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalter?
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  5. Calm down.

    Winter's on it's way and it's indispensable for clearing the frost off your windscreen. You wouldn't really want to risk snapping your credit card, not this close to Xmas.
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  6. they are handy for getting out of situations with the old bill, its got me out of a few speeding fines!!

    anyway, what sort of a question is this? do you get an id card? i can only say one thing as hugh-jardon said? wheres walter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look in the mirror you fcukwit. or try airsoft
  7. Don't pussyfoot around C_F_C, tell him what you really think!

  8. I was in the TA for a few months and did not get one.

    I only got as far as my tas2. I think some times you get them a quicker.
  9. Thats 'cos they don't just hand 'em out to anyone y'know... Especially not dropouts. Still looking for a girl to have sex on/in?
  10. I thought you got trolled last night you fcuking freak. Dont you mean you failed throbber.
  11. Congratulations Dr Frankenstein. The thread is only 8 years old, but you managed to breathe life back into it!!
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  12. Werl, its important innit?

    Well worth waiting for.
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  13. Aye you do get one. You usually get one the day you join, unless you are a right spakker. It has STAB printed in big letters on the front so everyone knows how spechul you are.
  14. WTF are you doing???
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  15. Cooking a pizza at the moment.