Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wrinkles, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. Why is it that in civvie street a military id card is not accepted as proof of identity yet something like a utility bill is. Grips my sh*t when that happens. Makes you feel second class.
  2. Usually because a utility bill has an address on it, something your ID card doesn't!
  3. I regularly get this problem when I produce an ID card.

    They asked for proof of ID, not residence. Different and totally obvious.

    My normal retort is to chide them for poor spoken grammar and demand to see a manager. Prats!!

  4. Fastmedic has it right - I'll take driving licence, pisspot, FAC or ID/Warrant Card as proof of ID. Proof of address is the 'recent utility'.

    However each company has its own rules on what does or doesn't count and they usually get confused between ID/address proofs anyway.

    And which plantpot designed the photocard driving licences? Not valid as proof of ID unless you remember the A4 counterpart! SO we replace a big sheet of paper with a card AND a sheet of paper, which no-one ever bleddy remembers....
  5. Being old and grey I got one with a plastic wallet and a sleeve for the plastic bit so they stay together. Having said that my one has a photo from 1990 before the facial hair and the excess fat.

    Proving address can be a problem for people who live with parents as they do not have utility bills and soldiers come to think about it.
  6. Your mod90 is legal proof of ID, just most people don't know it is.

    I produced mine when opening a bank account as I'd misplaced my passport and I didn't drive at the time.

    I was first told it wasn't excepted, so I asked for a printout sheet of ID banks do accept, and MOD90 was on it. which I pointed out to the cashier who apologised and went about opening my account.

    oh and I needed prove of address as well, a bank statement will do.
  7. Bank or credit card statements are usually accepted, and off topic get yourself on the Electoral Roll even if you're away as it makes life much easier when trying to get credit.