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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Gash_Pastie, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. The Army has an Ice Hockey team and are always on the look out for decent players.

    Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!!!
  2. Do you have a link to any team info? I'm a rabid ice hockey fan and am in serious withdrawal since moving to Blighty!

    Rugby on skates...fannies need not apply... :D
  3. You can get there through

    Can you skate?
  4. Yes, but I'm a civvie. And my serving other half is a bit like Bambi on skates...but I can always ask.
  5. You can still play for us as a dependant. We have a couple of games this weekend if you are interested.

    How long have you been playing and have you got your gear still?
  6. Gash-pastie, how do you get time for Ice Hockey when you work for Dreamy Ay?
  7. Time management!! Thats the official line
  8. I am in the TA and play for a local rec team in Milton Keynes. There are a few teams in MK rec semi pro etc how about a charity tournement with the army team for help for heroes?
  9. Is there a contact for ice hockey in the army? im in the T.A. ive played rec in hull but ive been out for 6 months with an injury but id like to train with an army team, ( i confess im not that good) ive spoken to my last psi and my new one with no joy, can anyone help? thanks
  10. Looking for some contacts.
    I am the Centre Manager for the Alpine Training Centre in Bavaria (yes it is a great job).
    I am also a massive fan of ice Hockey.
    I run one of the fan clubs for our Local team ERC Sonthofen 99 (]) and also manage the Babini Team for the club.
    I am looking at organizing a friendly game in september/October for an Army team to play against Sonthofen. If anyone can give some contact names, telephone numbers etc it would be most helpful. You can reach me in my office on 0049 8322 606631 or E-Mail me.

    Stevie clifford
  11. i have an interest in joining the army at some stage, but at the moment im only 16, but i do play ice hockey competititively in the under 18s. how old do you have to be?
  12. Old enough to join the Army to be honest, if you are good they will select you post any training you need to complete in your trade first.
  13. Hi guys im joining in March, going to AFC Harrogate then on to the Royal Regiment of Scotland. I play hockey for my local under 18s team and would like to continue playing in the army will i be able to join a team either whilst i am at Harrogate or once i join my regiment? thank you
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