Army Ice Hockey Charity Match v Bracknell Bees

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by graemeh13, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. Come one, come all. This event will see the Army Blades take on the might of the Bracknell Bees all in aid of charity.

    The game takes place at the John Nike Arena on Thursday 07 September. Tickets available on the night @ £5 for adults and £1 for under 14's.
    Doors open @ 1915 with 3 x 20 minute periods starting @2000hrs. Intermission entertainment and many prizes to be won.

    See for more details

    Please reply to show your support, or better still surf on over to the ABF site and make an online donation.

    Thanks for viewing
  2. I realise that it's for charity, but I would rather nail my spuds to the coffee table than watch Ice Hockey. It is rather like basketball in the UK, mainly played in new towns that don't even have a conference level footy team. It's all cheer leaders and time outs. Not for me, mate.

    I hope you raise lots of cash by the way.............
  3. Event Up Date....

    There is now a chance to win a brand new shiny Toyota on the night.......

    ARRSE pins will be on sale for the lucky first 250, all money to ABF

    Tickets only £5 for adults....under 14's only £1

    More to follow....
  4. Hot off the press.....Tickets now on sale through the Bracknell Arena ticket office. Numbers are limited so book your place now....Call 01344 789000

    Remember all procedes go direct to the Army Benevolant Fund......Thanks
  5. Toyota's AYGO has been confirmed as the "win a car competition" prize. It is the Black Special Edition model that is up for grabs........You must be there for your chance to win........
  6. A real man's sport for a good cause. Excellent!

    How many Canadian exchange officers did you have to bribe to make up a starting team, though? :D
  7. We dont need any eh!!

    Don a good job at beating the Canadians on home ice in two tournaments.....We listen to the critics....i.e. keep our sticks on the ice....(thanks Red Green!!)
  8. No cheerleaders in Bracknell and no timeouts either ;)

    Mind you, the facts regarding where the sport is played are wrong. Newcastle, Sheffield, Manchester, Cardiff, Swindon, Peterborough, Hull, MK and Coventry to name a few of the "towns" in the UK that have ice hockey as well as teams decidedly above conference level footy..... :D
  9. You, my young lad, are a wuss.

    Ice hockey is for winners. Count me in, as long as you promise Todd Kelman is playing for the Bees and I can make a mong out of myself like I did on Sky telly a few years ago.

    Army V Bees? Oooooh, my loyalties are tied.

    Steve if thats you, ask Shelley's mum to bring a Bees shirt, mine is at home and is signed and no-one touches it.

    And get them to bring the drum!!!!
  10. Crowbag, I will fight you for that, you shite. Bees are best.
  11. what about squaddies?
  12. Are you asking for squaddie discount on a fiver?

    Cheapskate shite. :) :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Graeme, I'm having real trouble trying to book tickets - the John Nike Sports Centre doesn't seem to be terribly joined up!

    Having tried again on Wednesday (the first time, the vacant girl who answered said she didn't know anything (!) but would get someone to ring back, but then no-one did) I did get a very helpful lady whose computer then crashed, but she got someone to ring back. Unforunately, I was out all of Thursday and Friday and have just called them again. The chap I spoke to tells me that the tickets haven't been released yet and that I should try again 2 weeks before the event! I am not entirely convinced, so will try again on Monday when, hopefully, there will be a real person back on.
  14. I just tried, the tickets are "not on the screen yet". Lady (v nice) said to try on Monday and ask for Jan Nixon.

    There are 3000 seats, so I doubt there will be a rush.

    My loyalties are still tied.
  15. Ill get back on to Bracknell on Monday and post an update then. I know HCR are descending on mass considering their losses in Afghanistan, proximity to the rink and it all for ABF. In addition the Gren Guards have pledged mass support since the great late Lord Stanley once served with them!!!!
    Any more probs with tickets, give me a shout, and thanks for the feedback so far.............