Army I D Card ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by blueface, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Ive lost my army ID card wen i was in catterick doing phase two , would it mater if i go with no card
  2. There's a good chip shop down the road from here - they even let you put your own salt n vinegar on your chips!
  3. Don't be such a fuking pillock
  4. might have to try that one ,,????
    seriously im lost with that one
  5. I am lost my login and password for ARRSE whilst on troll phase 2. Will people read my O2 thief bollox if I log in without it?
  6. About tuesday, but the pizza came at four O'clock !
  7. This is really weird i have no clue to your riddles Im riddled mmmmmm
  8. You, Blueface, are in deep s**t, sir.

    I'd brace myself, if I were you . . . .

    Lost it???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Well, they do good pies, they are Pukka as well....
  10. Crinkle cut chips are a Chinese invention.
  11. I thought it was the camels ?
  12. Camels? What, with salt and vinegar?
  13. Tut , no , camels invented crinkle cut chips
  14. I dont think the Chinese invented the Camel. They were made in the Isle of Man.