Army I D Card ?

Ive lost my army ID card wen i was in catterick doing phase two , would it mater if i go with no card
There's a good chip shop down the road from here - they even let you put your own salt n vinegar on your chips!
might have to try that one ,,????
seriously im lost with that one
I am lost my login and password for ARRSE whilst on troll phase 2. Will people read my O2 thief bollox if I log in without it?
This is really weird i have no clue to your riddles Im riddled mmmmmm
You, Blueface, are in deep s**t, sir.

I'd brace myself, if I were you . . . .

Lost it???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, they do good pies, they are Pukka as well....
Camels? What, with salt and vinegar?
So how can tailess cigerettes(?) play hockey with ice, wont they get soggy?

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