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Army HQ - Evacuated



I'd cheerfully 'Like' that, but since there are clearly some issues with the Like system, I won't bother :)
Well I've just popped into the Shell garage on the Weyhill road (for cash - not panic buying fuel) and there was the usual disproportionate number of squaddies to civvies filling up on a Friday afternoon but no more than usual.
You mean there's work on a Friday?

I thought Officers needed to be reminded that After Duties Friday meant after lunch Thursday, not after supper Wednesday...
No-one in the G4 side oop norf, that's for sure! ;-)
How very dare you! I'm on leave and have just been to count blankets I'll have you know. My dedication to pants and socks is unquestionable, unlike your fashion sense Timble ! Are you skiving in Soho again. I've told you, Micheal the Pimlico poof died two weeks ago.
Seemingly, the A303's stationary at Stonehenge so all will be making excuses about visiting elderly relatives on Dartmoor, scooting out the door and off for the weekend!

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