Army Historic Flight - Keeping a low profile?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by radarboy, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. Is it just my imagination or is the Army Historic Flight keeping a super-low profile this year? Dates were always limited, but to my eye (maybe I'm just ill informed?) they seem to be doing very little this season.

    Am I correct?
    If so, anyone know why?
  2. They did the Andover Armed Forces Day the other week, and an excellent display it was too !
  3. I was there for that, was surprised to see the corps not very well represented considering the proximity of wallop, lots of AAC cadets though.
  4. Lynx, don't know what time you left mate, but The SAAvn band and a squad from Wallop were on the field and the marchpast.

    More info here :- Andover AFD
  5. Money and resources are the simple facts. Unlike a few years ago where we had 3 rotaries and 3 fixed wing displaying as a team, we now have singleton participation at a few events and the odd 4,5 or 6 ship flypasts (very rarely on the latter). The team hasn't done any full team display practices so are not cleared in that respect. Its a real shame because as with the Blue Eagles, it will be virtually impossible to resurrect a full team in the future. Both full teams were a massive recruiting tool and also a very good way of putting the AAC in the publics eye.
  6. Cadets on the field. Band and public duties lot. Fair one must have left before. Bit of a stand in the arena wouldn't have hurt. Unless I missed that aswell :oops:
  7. I totally agree!

    For one thing I think the Corps lacks a good museum (there is another thread about this, so I won't expand here), but I always thought that such an excellent Army Historic Flight went a long way to making up for this. It was great to see so many examples of machines in the museum actually doing displays... a living museum if you like (aircraft that is, rather than aircrew! LOL).

    Whether or not the number of displays they are doing is reducing or staying the same, they're certainly doing little to promote the things they are doing. For instance, I had no idea they were going to be at Andover. Sometimes I've found out very late that they will be doing a display over X, but had no idea what aircraft or when. When I've tried to contact the team to ask I've had no joy. This is hardly good Team Promotion! :roll: In the days of the web and forums (here we are!) the Team has a great chance to increase its Promotion at little time or cost (even at the last minute before a display). Having a web guro onboard, posting on forums and creating mailing lists would go a long, long way (the Blue Eagles have a very active website and the HAF should follow their example).

    Having said that the BBMF is almost as bad, even though they're a different kettle of crabs!

    As regards the Blue Eagles... Ooo, don't get me started! :x Of course I'm very glad the Apache is front and centre, as it should be. However, I'm not sure an Apache/Lynx combo is the way to go. I thought it was best when the Apache was its own display.

    The other thing that upsets me is the loss of multi-helicopter formation aerobatics... which I reckon is what a helicopter display team is all about! The Blue Eagles have a long (though broken) history of such. I also have to give huge credit to the FAA's Sharks, who were the mutt's nuts! :D It was a sad day when DHFS was created and The Sharks were dispanded (and what happened to the Dutch Grasshoppers in their Alouette III BTW? Another great team!), but this left the Blue Eagles to keep the tradition alive. Now this is being slowly eroded away. In some respects I'd rather the Corps called a spade-a-spade and ceased using the Blue Eagles title. I think they should use a different title for the Apache/Lynx duo (another good analogy is the FAA using the name Black Cats for their Lynx duo, rather than using name The Sharks).

    On top of all this I totally agree that the two teams made a great recruiting resource... but a resource that is being slowly eroded and lost. :(