Army helicopters embark on Royal Navy flagship for exercise

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MoD_RSS, Sep 29, 2010.

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  2. Surprised at the amount of maintainers going. Is 120 normal for such a small det or does this include those undergoing trade training and upgrades etc?

  3. That's the beginning of the end for those airframes then! To misquote an advert "Should have gone to...Bell".

  4. Makes a change from Wattisham and Bastion and a change is as good as a rest...
  5. Its still about half the number that a crab det would take ;-)
  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Maths not your strong point Flashster? 120 is not half of 360.
  7. Lord Flash,

    Don't be a cock! I specifically phrased it so as not to start off an inter-service banter competition; it's a genuine question as 120 guys for 3 cabs seems a tad steep.

    However, since you started it, it's more people than we needed to maintain 4 x E-3Ds for 3 months during TELIC 1!

  8. I suspect the answer to your question lies in the last paragraph of the quoted article:

    "The focus of this period will be to ensure that we safely integrate 656 Squadron into HMS Ark Royal, provide their crews with deck experience, and develop tactical procedures for the future."
  9. I helped out on an MRX a couple of years ago with the JOC etc. built out of the new whizzy 'polyurethane and velcro' tentage.

    The RAF A2 JNCO contingent had come down from Lossiemouth and Aldergrove on a swan with a freshly minted "this is not a democracy" rupert supposedly in charge. Having recently come back off tour from JHF (A) I was immediately put on the night shift by said rupert, which was a really productive use of my week's leave from the day job - not.

    Come endex and time to tear down the Gucci tentage, the RAF covered themselves in further glory by exiting stage left faster than you can say knife whilst the AAC got on with the work. This was not their finest hour, which is a pity as the crabs I worked with on tour were okay, if also occasionally workshy.

    Of course, the AAC is always industrious in its work ethic...

  10. Good luck boys! I just heard that HMS XXX set sail from Faslane yesterday piping to be prepared for sea state 7! A nice introduction to life on the ocean wave!!
  11. Calm down old boy ;-)

    As you mentioned, its the first time a det has embarked so it will have more than the usual number of people. Getting as many people as possible qual'd and current for boat stuff.

    Anyway, dont your grey 707's get serviced by Easyjet? (Or do they just supply the uniforms?)
  12. But I bet the base you deployed to had more RAF personnel than the average UK garrison ;-)
  13. to be fair flash private sector take corparte branding seriously.
    I thinks its quite brave of crab air to employ color blind learning disabled people to choose their uniforms.
    no wonder flying suits are worn whenever possible look at the alternatives:)
  14. Anyway, I thought the UK version of Apache had been modified to allow it to go to sea more easily - corrosion resistance etc.