Army Hearing Protection 1970's

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by manny62, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone remember the name of the ear plugs which were used on the ranges during the 70's? Also does anyone hae a photo of the said article?


  2. I kept losing mine so I mainly used these!

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  3. Remember them being nicknamed "babies dicks" because they were small and pink
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    big ears then!! a lot of guys used fag ends.
  5. Also remember having to go to the med centre to get one extracted because Id been issued with too small a size
  6. Maj Maniprasad Rai NEVER lost his: he had a string threaded through the ends which he wore around his neck. Very effective and strangely alluring. In a Ghurka stylee.
  7. Sad but true I still have mine in my shooting box down in the cellar, if I could be Arrsed I would photo them and then post here for all you dear readers to admire.
    Currently having problems summoning the necessary total indifference to perform said task.
  8. If we're talking about the little earplugs in a small round container; in my Sqn it was considered very ally to pierce lid and tub, then string them around your combat jacket epaulatte.

    A bit like Bomber Command and their whistles.

    You had to be there.
  9. Another option would be to thread the string through one ear and out the other (like I do with my son's coat sleeves so he doesn't lose his gloves). Rubber Grommet Ear-Plugs Mk1 always at hand then...
  10. I think they were called four by two?
  11. You put timber in your ears?
  12. I cannot remember whether they had a name but they were small, pretty hard and made of pink rubber. They had a little tag on them so that you could grip them in order to remove them from the ear.

    They collected earwax like nobody's business. I bet I have a pair somewhere in Litotes Towers. And before you ask, not a clue!

    I bought a pair of Amplivox to protect my hearing, which made me very popular on the ranges! But I can still understand you if you talk to me loudly and clearly...

  13. Found them, not quite in the same condition as they were when issued to a young Aircraftman Drlligaf in 1971 in RAF Swinderby, but they might still work.

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  14. PLUGS ANTI DEAF !! left and right for the use of, they were crap when swimming with them as well.