Army has poor literacy levels

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hat20, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. Half of Army recruits have the literacy or numeracy skills of children leaving primary school, a report by the Basic Skills Agency says.
    Up to half of the 12,000 recruits each year are at or below levels expected of 11-year-olds, the report says
    Makes interesting reading but not very surprising after attempting to decipher some of the 'text speak' style posts from some juniors.
    But then on the other boot how educated do you need to be to be trained as a soldier depending on Regt/Corps?
  2. So what is this report saying then?

    50% of recruits have been totally and utterly failed by the state education system is what is actually means.
  3. Obviously better, in the opinions of those wanting to get a return on their investment.

    I wonder at point, someone will state the bleedin' obvious and ask where this problem starts?
  4. Beat me to it Steven!
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  7. Thank you, Mr Prescott.
  8. Well said Pvt Jock McPlop, 1Bn RRS
  9. Yes Brigadier, sorry Sir!
  10. Send them to the SAS- they'll all end up best selling authors.
  11. Good idea - they could have ghost readers as well as ghost writers.
  12. Or spending hours on ARRSE wishing they were.
  13. I realise that the state is at fault, but it's never too late to learn basic skills. The blame lies also at the feet of senior and middle management across the whole of the army. If more managers recognised the problems at hand and set aside time to improve literacy and numeracy skills we'd be a better army as a result.

    It's not as though it costs anything apart from a bit of time, is it?
  14. The headline is misleading. It is not “Army has poor literacy levels”, it is “school leavers have poor literacy levels” and the army is doing its best to support the soldiers failed by the school system. The army only highlights it because they assess the work force. If you did the same assessment over all school leavers you would find that it is much higher.

    I have seen students come out of school with GCSEs that have suggested that they have attained a standard, but looking at their work indicates that the GCSE is not worth the paper it is written on.

    The army has always attempted to educate soldiers. In my day it was EPC and EPC(A). This is nothing new, when I joined my Bn there was still soldiers who had Detail and Part ones read to them and when I was teaching at the depot we sent soldiers off for intense literacy courses.
  15. Good point. It isn't the army's fault that the great unwashed fall out of school with only basic literacy and numeracy skills. But it does follow that while these skills are improved in some cases there are better things to do than sitting down with a platoon and plugging the exploits of Janet and John.

    The army has poor literacy levels. How sad, never mind and 'Their They're'