Army haircut

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by charlie1989, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Got a long overdue appointmet with the barber on Thursday to get my hair down to regulation length.

    I've only had about 5 "professional" haircuts in my life and chose the cheapest guy, not the most experienced.

    What should i be telling him to do? (eg. X on the sides and Y on the top) or what does it need to be?

    Ultra short hair doesn't really suit me so i'm hoping to keep a reasonable amount but don't want to push the boundaries at all.

    Cheers in advance. :D
  2. My Wah-Ometer is flickering slightly, but here does.

    Short back and sides 2 at the side and 6-8 on the top should be fine. I opt ofr one and four cos I'm a cheap cnut and the hair cut lasts longer.
  3. Bob? Is that you?? Did RT1 with 3PWRR?
    If it is, PM me mate

    Edited to add, if it is who I think it is, LVH... No wah, its a friggin' afro... Of course, first thing we did was fit him with a kevvie and take pictures...
  4. I think a number 3 is the closest permissable haircut. But I can get away with a number 4. Just keep it straight and don't use gel or anything and it'll look shorter than it is.
  5. Gayest thread topic ... EVER. Army haircuts. Jesus.
  6. Now "Gayest Ever Army Hair Cut" would be another thread.

    Exibit A - the mini mullet, what the feck are they thinking!!!!!
  7. Just get a rambo cut.
  8. What's a "mini mullet"?

    *switches on de-wah-ifyer*
  9. Considering I know at least... Eight... Maybe more TA soldiers with no.1's all over or even shaved shiny; I'd suggest that a no.3 being the minimum permissable is bollocks! ;)

    Edit: forgot to mention the rampant homosexuality of this thread.
  10. Gay, gay, gay!
  11. Nothing wrong with a shiny head!

    Isn't that right, Dr Evil?
  12. :lol:

    You be nice and mince along and polish it up if thats what Charlie decides he wants.
  13. Oh, isn't it always the way? Every time, I keep saying to myself - hold out for something better, Graham. But do I? No.

    Looks blankly at the screen.

    Face scrunches up.


    Erm ... I'd just swallow your pride, Charlie, and get him to do his best.
  14. What? Do you think Charlie would like it if I polished Dr Evil's head?
  15. What does suit you ducky? bleached hair, a cut-off muscle-tee showing off your pierced navel and a designer manbag?