Army GSR Haversack MTP (Field Pack)

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by northern-matelot, Dec 21, 2011.

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  1. Just been issued the new haversack for the GSR, so thought I'd let you know what your in for. Please note I have only been issued the Haversack and not the actual GSR yet.


    At first notice this new haversack is a lot bigger than the one for the S10 (but then the GSR is a bigger respirator.


    As well as the main pouch there as 2 side pouch's that are attached with Molle straps (what reason these would be removed for I don't know) and both have 3 pockets for where your combo pens would go. They also have longer strips of Velcro than what is necessary to close the flap shut.

    Inside the main pouch on the back there are 6 poppers and an elastic strap- these are to hold the GSR's holder (issued with the mask) in place- from what the Ships Q told us it took him about 5 minuets to attach this holder in place and from sight it took up quite a lot of actual space in the bag. There are also 2 pockets inside for the stowage of canisters.


    The front of the pouch is fastened with a Velcro and 2 poppers are fitted on the lid flap and 3 on the main body. Under the flap in the main body is 2 zips that allow the pouch to be expanded allowing the mask to be fitted inside before zipping up to allow for a snug fit meaning that the mask won't rock about inside.



    As visible from the photos the bag can be carried with the shoulder strap (which can be unclipped completely) or could be attached to webbing, there is what also appears to be a leg strap at the bottom of the bag also- possibly to reduce the bag from lunching off the thigh when running.



    As stated this is the Army's version, apparently the Navy are to be issued a bigger haversack than this due to us carrying more kit in our haversacks. Any questions please ask and I'll be happy to answer them.
  2. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    It's a very good bit of kit and certainly has plenty of uses apart from just holding a GSR in place. I think it'll work very well as an ammo carrier neck slung that you can quickly throw to someone for a resupply.

    Point to note though, this haversack should not be attached to webbing. Although it has the capability to be attached, it's not how it's meant to be worn or used. Shoulder slung or belt worn and sat on top or outside the webbing, but never fitted on it.

    Once the GSR is in, there is no space to store anything else and nothing else should be stored in there anyway. Everything you need can be carried in the side pockets with gloves kept behind the retaining straps under the lid, apart from the DP, cloth piece and combopens which sit inside on the inner pocket. No more room for clunky or spank mags!

    There are only four poppers inside for the former, the remaining two are the ones you can see outside that have the webbing straps on them. The elastic strap isn't so much for the former as you'd only use that if the poppers fail. It's more a place to store things like sealed gloves, etc, behind the mask.

    The side pouches can be removed and replaced with bigger pouches should you deem it neccessary, although these aren't supplied, merely if you happen to have a larger pouch. This is for when things go bad and we're looking at spending long periods in 4R and need the decon supplies to hand to see us through. It will, with some fiddling, take a utility pouch on each side.

    It's possibly one of the best designed bits of kit I've come across in ages and we find that it works very well, is robust and can take a solid beating.

    The addition of the former is sheer genius too. No more squished masks that have compromised seals! Although thinking about it, behind the former with the strap is probably where you could stash your clunky and porn mags now. That'd work quite well and they'd be hidden too. No going into 4R and your copy of Razzle flops to the ground!

    P.S - The bigger version has a base compartment that's zip closed.

    Hang on, they've only given you the pouch and not the GSR? What the **** is the point in that? Who runs your store? That's just shit organisation. It should be a full roll-out of pouch / mask / spares and then introduction to the GSR as soon as possible after that.

    As for which respirator is better, the S10 or the GSR, the jury is currently siding with the S10 as its:

    - Easier to fit
    - More comfortable fit
    - Can be used in conjunction with a weapon

    ......... What? Used with a weapon? Surely that's a bit of an obvious one? Well, try using your rifle with the GSR and lets see how well aimed your shots are. The second canister really fucks you over and the proven fact, is that a soldier can use his weapon with the GSR but it will not be an aimed shot. He might be straining as hard as he can to look through his sights, but the eye relief is too great and the second canister blocks the normal route of the weapon into the shoulder and seriously gets in the way.

    Pics attached.

    Also, you could remove the second canister and still breathe / eyes open, but the first canister lifespan is seriously reduced (To minutes) and who really has time to take a canister off and remember to refit it afterwards? Plus you're just increasing your chances of inadvertently breaking the seal and dying in poo and snot.

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  3. I am! The Q has given everyone an introduction, the S105's are written out and ready to be signed and we have the masks on ship ready to issue, but we're waiting on delivery of the multitools to take the masks apart for so we can size up the ships company- we only issued the haversacks as they were taking up space in the UPO as an overflow store and the PO Writer was getting pissed off tripping over boxes every 2 seconds, all the other kit is stored in the NBCD Store or the ships decontamination chamber!
  4. Was the GSR not designed to be used with only one canister? It better be, otherwise ships are going to grind to halt as we can't use our radios.

    What about us special ones with odd grids who don't fit a S10; will there be half and quarter size GSRs?
  5. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You know you don't need the tools to take the masks apart for sizing? You shouldn't be taking them apart anyway, there's no need. To fit, you simply take out the ONM and fit that first, then the mask second. The easiest way I found to do it was simply have four sizes with the four standard ONM fitted and use those instead. The way they taught it at DCBRNC is at odds with Scott, the manufacturers, take on it. They say fit it with the ONM in. If it's obviously protruding above the nose drop down a size, if it's obviously sunk under, go up a size on ONM.
    Much easier and quicker.

    No, the GSR is not designed to be used on one canister. It's to give increased protection and lifespan of the canister under attack conditions. You can swap one out and carry on, but you need to replace it. A single canister is heavily reduced down to minutes lifespan.

    To use the PRR whilst in GSR the SOP's are to shout very, very loudly.

    The GSR has sizes 1 - 4 and the Oral Nasal Mask is 1 - 4 also but can be one size up or down from the mask. Most people seem to take a size 3 so far.

    For those that really cannot be fitted into a GSR then you're looking at the FM12 respirator being issued out, but that's going to be rare and unheard of. The GSR is uncomfortable but you can usually gain a seal by making it even more uncomfortable and tight.

    I've managed to fit plenty of Fijians so far, and you know what their swads are like..
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  6. The mic for RICE can attach to the front of the mask apparently- the grill comes off.
    Masks come in 5 sizes: 1, 2, 2-3, 3 and 4. Oronasal parts come in 4 sizes (no size 2-3).

    Mr bane, I havnt don't the course (I'm only an AB Storeman), only one person on our ship is currently qualified to do the GSR's (the other 3 people onboard are s10) and he's adamant he needs the tool so won't let us near them until he's got it. Looks like the issue will be straight after Christmas leave as the ship needs to be fitted and tested before we go on OST.
  7. When the day comes that I'm on my belt buckle in a contaminated warzone firing pot shots at someone, the design of the previous respirator will be the last thing on my mind.
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  8. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Tell your man that's GSR trained that is is talking complete and utter ******* bullshit reference needing the tools.
    That's fact.


    Considering there is only one part of the GSR that you can strip using the tools which does not affect the sizing in any way shape or form, he's talking out his arrse.

    Reference the sizings, bit of debate over that. The 2-3 isn't actually a size, it's just a standard issue of different sized respirator and ONM. You can make a 2-3 fit using a, heh, 2 and a 3. :) Technically there is only four.
  9. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    When you're in a contaminated warzone and your CBRN bloke cuffed the fitting of your respirator because they're so over-engineered and fiddly to fit properly and you find yourself involuntarily peeing and pooing, you might wish for your old S10. :)
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  10. When I'm shitting and pissing myself involuntarily my aim will be the least of my worries. If things ever get that dire I'll be spraying from the hip (in more ways than one).
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  11. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

  12. It's a ******* multi coloured bag, for putting stuff in.

    Was it really worth the effort that has gone into this thread?
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  13. Is there still room for keeping your spare compo in?
  14. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You had the effort to waste to come in and slate the thread, I had the effort to waste to come in and comment on it and also point out that the OP's GSR bod is mugging him off.

    Each to their own.
  15. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Christ pedantic oh so earnest anoraks are a royal pain in the arsse.