Army Green Socks.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by duryard, Aug 1, 2009.

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  1. When I was in the Army (1971 - 1993) we was issued Green Socks that was IMHO Fooking Brill. Had Extra Thick soles to em. Any one know where I can get them now please Or could get some for me. Willing to pay a decent price.
  2. They still issue them now, just in black.

    My local Army Surplus sells the black ones for £2 a pair - bargin! You can never have enough of them though recently I've been using a few pairs of Bridgedale Trekkers I still keep hold of the issue ones aswell.
  3. Thanks for the fast reply. The tossers downn here in Exeter dont have any.

    I seen the black ones on Ebay but are not sure they are the thick sole ones tho.

    Years yomping about in the bogs my feet are F***** and I dearly need some decent socks
  4. I've just got some of these - uber comfy Socks
  5. The new black ones are not socks, they are the bastard offspring of Gordon Brown and Jade Goody. Try the Bridgedale range, their expedition (or whatever they're called now) are really good and offer plenty of padding. Think about getting an insole as well if you're having problems with shock absorbance.
  6. I've got a pair of the old green ones and several of the new black ones and other than a slight difference in the texture they seem the same, they both have the extra padding on the bottom - agreed the Bridgedale ones are better though but for Issued kit they aren't too bad.
  7. I think i have some left from my CCF days I'll post them to you if you wish! Just donate some money to Help For Heroes.
  8. I use the Thorlo military socks...

    They are the b0110cks.
  9. They seem the dogs doo daars. Going to get me some of them. Thanks a lot BM.

    and thanks all you guys as well :)
  10. aye the black ones are thick soled, comfy too
  11. Smartwool socks. Not cheap but the very best I've ever worn. Very worth the cost.
  12. Who remembers the old grey woollen ones that had to be patiently darned? Going back a few years now lads.